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This title is too long but gives you a great idea of what is in this story.

Many of us here love to write. Most of us want to earn money doing what we love. Every promise dangled in front of you, insisting you can make a living wage writing right away is misleading and harmful. The ads pushing you to become a ghostwriter, copywriter, and Medium gazillionaire leave out the most crucial message:

You can make a living wage writing but it’s going to take time.

Fortunately, rational voices are writing Medium stories explaining the progression. Establishing your niche and maturing as a writer are common pieces of advice. …

What is Shortform Publishing on Medium, and why is it the method to expand your monthly earnings, grow your audience, and balloon your writing output? Thomas Smith wrote a brilliant article enlightening me about the benefits of writing Shortform posts. The eye-opening story is a revelation in thinking concerning providing content on Medium and monetizing our abbreviated efforts.

We can use Shortform Publishing to catch a reader's attention and redirect them to our longer stories. The posts are brief. In 100 to 200 words, you give a concise account of information. …

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Election 2020

This President never quits his con.

He hasn’t left office yet but he’s already trying to escape. He claims to be innocent and law-abiding, yet he seeks to give himself a Presidential pardon. Does an individual who has not been charged with a crime need to be pardoned? Wouldn’t seeking a pardon before you are charged be incriminating?

President Trump said, “I have the absolute right to PARDON myself.” (source: CNBC)

But he suggested he wouldn’t do that because “I have done nothing wrong.” (source: CNBC)

Mind blown!

When a child comes to a parent and begins their plea with, “Don’t be mad, but…,” the parent knows self-incriminating information will follow. This child is securing a pardon before they spill the beans. …

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Fiction Writers

Find the joy in storytelling and expanding your writing world.

I enjoyed writing every word of my entry for the NYC Midnight 250-Word Microfiction Challenge. The waiting begins as today I received the confirmation email my story is officially ready to be judged. The results will be posted on January 13, 2021, and then the top ten stories from each group will move on to the next round.

The winners of round one will be assigned new stories to write. In the first round, my assigned genre was a fairy tale and/or fantasy. I had to use the action of stepping in a puddle. …

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Reports claim top GOP Congress members recommend Trump deny a traditional pardon for the entire Thanksgiving turkey and reserve it only for the white meat.

The tone of this Thanksgiving at the White House resembles the mindset we’ve all become accustomed to. According to the images and principles Republicans have displayed, their bias for everything ‘White’ may have traveled all the way to our honored Thanksgiving feast rituals.

Sources tell of extreme prejudice regarding an order to consume only white turkey meat on Thanksgiving Day.

While the veracity of these claims cannot be confirmed, we all know it’s true. …

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This long of a title is to befuddle you and make you ask yourself, “Can I get away with a title that long? Hmm…is it the future?”

The writing challenge I joined is a thrill to participate in. The NYC 250-Word Microfiction Challenge stopped accepting submissions a couple of hours ago, and I got mine in yesterday during the mid-afternoon. But, it destroyed my writing day.

I wrote and edited my entry before going to bed some 11 hours before submitting it. However, that didn’t stop me from reading it multiple times to ensure it existed and met my approval.

Yes, self-doubt, second-guessing, and imposter syndrome crept in. The three deadly writing devils attacked without mercy. I was putty in their hands.

Yet, an advocate found me. No, not some deity of mercy and compassion, but rather the flame of determination and resolve. …

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Story Telling Storytelling Literature Read Tale from Pixabay

Writing Challenge

Writing fun can make pandemic worries fade away.

The NYC Midnight 250-Word Microfiction Challenge has begun. Forget about any nano-50,000 word bungle of writing mess. I’m too simple, and I need smaller goals to concentrate on. The mini-challenge suits me fine.

I finished working on my entry a few minutes ago. Roughly three hours of writing, editing, second-guessing, eliminating, and tightening filled about every minute I wasn’t creating. Got me a little satisfaction.

Only twenty hours remain in this round of the competition. I get to go to sleep and wake up to my story and see if I still like it. More revisions could be made, but I checked it over with a fine comb. According to the contest site, over 5,000 writers are participating. …

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The crazy actions of a Florida governor so far up Trump’s caboose he doesn’t know when to stop chasing the bad end of things.

The gov. of my state, Florida, Ron DeSantis, shows signs he’s losing his mind. Or, he could be employing a Vulcan Mind-Meld (Star-Trek reference) channeling President Trump’s thoughts.

Experts have considered some of the governor’s recent actions to be either sociopathic or signs of insanity. Analysis of his apathy and lack of care for Floridians goes a long way in theories suggesting he might be batshit crazy.

His absurd and abnormal behavior indicates this may be the case.

Gov. DeSantis denies Donald Trump lost the election even though Trump has admitted his loser status. …

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What lines do we have to erase and redraw?

Identification. What does it mean? Who defines the space we rely on? What does it mean? Create the moment and the thought you have. You decide. The influence playing on your ‘I am’ is not absolute. ‘The Man’ is an illusion, and all the experts heaping ‘Shoulds’ on your shoulders are vapors easily blown away.

The walls can’t hold you. The mask comes off. Shed its restrictions inside your heart. Replace the mask with specific love. As one great author said:

‘All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.’ (Alexandre Dumas)

We cannot imperil our brothers and sisters any longer. There is new freedom waiting to be found and not resting in old documents. The more we rely on old thoughts to somehow save us from the same insanity the United States perpetuates, we will never escape the bounds of its failures. …


How can I reconcile Santa with today’s values and messages concerning correct behavior to kids?

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A big jolly man with a big red suit is watching my children while they sleep. What!? How in the hell did that happen? That dude looks like he’s on meth or drunk. The sparkle in his eyes isn’t making me feel any more comfortable. He knows when my kids are sleeping — scary!

He knows when they’re awake. This weirdo is tracking my kids. That won’t do.

The last time I caught a dude trying to get my daughter’s info on her game app, I swiftly ended that sucker. If I ever find the stalking pedophile coming around my house, he’s dead. …


Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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