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40 Reasons Not To Make a 40 List

Greg Prince
2 min readFeb 6, 2019


Ok, let me join the stew.

Going to stir the pot and ruffle a feather or two with a poke at the listicle fever growing around this number 40 in a variety of opinion brew.

I’d love to consent and be a real sweety, tell everyone “How Wonderful” but that doesn’t need repeating. So, if you’ll bear with me and give a joker a chance you might get a laugh or feel burning anger, heck you might burst out in a dance.

  • Primero I don’t like listicles, they drive me nuts. Most are filled with “Musts” and absolutes, however, I always come up with a ton of questioning “Buts?”
  • And don’t start me with checklists because they’re all about the same. I can remember to pick up the damn milk at the store, no need for the written note from mommy putting me to shame.
  • There will always be more than 40 things to discuss about any subject and no list will suffice, plus I’d rather write a paragraph or dance with talking mice(Cinderella cartoon ref).
  • I’ll bet you think I can’t make it to 40 things but a challenge this brings.
  • (I’m counting the last listing-so there!) Writing 40 things about a subject seems like an excuse to forgo writing about more serious topics yet I contradict myself and feel like a pon as this story goes on.
  • Time is precious like love and doing such lists gives my schedule a rude shove.
  • Aha! and there’s more I like to avoid being trendy because it might make my writer’s voice seem a bit too overblown and outright windy.
  • Lists are not usually all-inclusive while some experts claim they are, that’s downright abusive.
  • Just when you think you’ve had enough that author will give you more material filled with too much fluff.
  • So, I lied and this list falls short of 40. Oh, what a shame. Another attempt made with an unfinished claim.

Your lists are about you and I’m not knocking anyone or your youness. This has been a fun writing, rhyming dirge and I hope it’s taken in light of the attempt at humor and not absolute trueness.

I will not write listicles with eggs or bacon. I will not write them with a pen or even with steakum.

I will most likely write a list or even two and spite myself so soon, my face turning various shades of blue.

I will not write them, Greg I am.

Please forgive me if you think this SPAM!



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