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The clock yelled at me. Get up it screamed! Every bone and muscle in my body sank into my mattress. But the first day of school, especially this year, was sacred.

Barriers and boundaries shattered in an instant.

It’s our family tradition. My wife and I take the girls to…

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You say you want to create
But you can’t make up your mind
Let me steer you
Into a new/old place

Stats never meant to cause you any sorrow
But they cause you plenty pain
I’m only trying to help you
Help you branch out, find a new way
Writers linked arms in…

Think of the sparkle and happiness children can bring.

“abstract painting” by Erik Eastman on Unsplash

Children illuminate and unveil so much to parents.
Like magic, we see ourselves in them.
Like an inverse mirror,
we feel and hear our parents words and attributes expressing themselves. …


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The profit you can make with Shiba Inu coin is not easy to predict, however the potential for great gains with this crypto-asset remains. Let me tell you why I think so.

Reading RYOSHI RESEARCH has me all giddy about this digital asset. SHIB has several use cases, purposes beyond…

Playground equipment subliminal suggestions creeping into your child’s life may have unexpected results. Have you prepared yourself, parents? Are you ready for the questions? Have you had the talk?


The fruit is ripe for picking and your kids are growing up. …


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This morning I found out my profile on Medium was hacked. It was hijacked by this creep: and if you see that URL in a post supposedly by me ignore it, delete it, and curse it.

The person @rubaduejones is scum. They hijacked my account but I think Medium…

Writing Tips

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I’m back into the self-publishing world and going for it on Amazon using Kindle. My goal is to produce books that are fun and useful while I work on my fiction novels or novellas. …


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It seems like a trap. I’m depositing money on an exchange like or Kucoin and buying crypto hoping it goes up in value so I can convert it to cash and make a profit. But how do I transfer my crypto without paying a huge fee? …

Writing Tips

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The best teaching I ever received concerning writing was to keep it simple, short, and uncomplicated. In case you’re wondering, uncomplicated can and often is different from simple. Sticking to this theme, the best thing you and I can do, as writers, is to write.

Then comes the brave part.

We develop the guts, the…


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I commented to Anna V. Eskamani, my Florida House Representative, about the problems with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. It felt satisfying, but I know it will accomplish little else.

Her story, meant to help and assure Florida unemployed residents, left me with an empty feeling: The notion that…

Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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