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A FOG Mission Takes Shape For Super Wanda

Greg Prince
4 min readMay 7, 2019


Wanda is coping and contemplating her initial FOG(Finger of God) international moment.

Her exciting night ended the moment she arrived home. Wanda’s apartment looked a wreck. The cat destroyed her digs clawing up the couch and pillows, ripping open the refrigerator door and throwing it across the kitchen. She found food splashed on the walls, countertops, and floor.

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Sleep was a fading memory. The awesomeness of having your juice turned up 300% nonstop felt a bit awkward and tiresome. Wanda needed a mental break from being awake the past 3 days but not the slightest hint of tired played on her body or brain.

She began to clean but all she could think was, “I hate cleaning and where is that damn cat? The cat should be cleaning her own damn mess up.”

An hour into scrubbing floors and walls with Maxwell’s music blasting took Wanda to an unexpected mindscape. She thought back on Lil’ Tyson and her beautiful friend.

The memory washed over her in a waking dream. Passion shared, bare bodies embracing, the deep intense kiss between adoring women. Wanda found herself drifting in her own sensual pleasure. Her vivid recollection brought Wanda there again and again.

She lay on the kitchen floor in a sweat. A knock on her front door startled her. Wanda pulled up her shorts and put on a shirt.

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“Who is it?”

“Hey, can you turn down the music? I’m George Humphrey, your next door neighbor. People tryin’ to get sleep here. Gotta work tomorrow!”

“I’m sorry.” Wanda lowered the music. “Forgot what time it is.”



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