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A More Than Deadly Supervillain Foe

Greg Prince
2 min readApr 21, 2019


Wanda faces her greatest challenge from the beginning

Driving home, unpacking the groceries, the monotony of preparing for work all happened in a fuzz. Time elapsed but Wanda’s shock and excited amazement over her unexpected predicament froze her mind in a field of WTF!

Did she just vaporize a scumbag trying to rape her!? Did that really happen?

Pinching herself really hard, nearly drawing blood, didn’t wake her up from a crazy dream. She tried slapping herself in the face but reality did not suddenly offer any relief.

Were there cameras in the supermarket parking lot? If there were she would be easy to catch.

A brown-skinned woman turning into an electric spark then zapping a white man to dust. Yeah, there wouldn’t be any mercy. Some judge would have her doing 30 to life.

Wanda was a Manager at CostRitz, one of the biggest warehouse merchandise stores in the world. She fought to make it to the Customer Service Manager position and she did so by staying strong, smart, and calm in all situations.

Her Masters in Business Management helped too.

She stood in her apartment kitchen basking in electric surges of blue and white lightning coursing in a vibrant matrix of jagged fingers. The heat and power radiating from her body began to singe her clothes. The tile floor beneath her started to warp.

She must control the fury. Willing and pulling the reaction of energy inside she considered her greatest obstacle and nemesis.

Wanda knew she was going to be a superhero but her enemy had a lead on her. Thousands of years of a lead. The supervillain of thinking stuck in male-centric bias underlying seemingly all humanity gave her pause.

Little did she think about the man she vaporized only hours ago but his energy remained in the air exactly where she zapped him and it lingered. The cloud of the rapist’s fragmented atoms hung invisibly in a magnetic confusion about to cover an unsuspecting victim.

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