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A New Super Kind of Woman

New heroes arise from unlikely places — Microfiction.

Standing in a puddle of chemicals in the parking lot of this supermarket no warning was sounded. A flash and spark are all she feels. The bolt of electricity is sudden and intense.

Deafening thunder crashes around her but she hears only her heartbeat.

Wanda feels nothing and everything in the same instant. Every sense is magnified in extreme and overwhelming, vibrating energy.

She is standing on solid air hovering over the ground. A column of atomic fission raises her spreading crackles of blue and white magnificent static, a spiderweb surrounding her body.

Without knowing she knows. The power is now hers. Willing the flow of ionic force to withdraw and return to her center she gently floats back to the asphalt.

There is no thunderstorm. Was it heat lightning? Wanda isn’t sure but she is aware and awake. Brain is faster. Body is stronger.

Small sparks jump around her iris and cornea.

Looking around the parking lot it’s empty of possible witnesses. She has become. Wanda is full of questions. But she knows hers is now the power to will and do beyond measure.

“Hey, mama. You hot. What you got for daddy?”

Wanda turns to see him towering over her. He must be over 6 feet tall, drunk, pale white, and smelling like the inside of a rotting pair of molded boots. Where did he come from?

“Saw you standing by your car. Knew you must’ve needed a man. Cuz you lookin’ like you lost.”

Wanda lost her voice in fear. The terror of attack confronting her in shameless bold now.

Grabbing her he pulled Wanda close and used his bulk to crush her to the pavement. His lips nipped at her neck.

Wanda screamed, “No! Not me too.”

Wrapping her legs and arms in a hug around his body in a vice-like embrace she snapped his bones like twigs.

He began to yell in pain but silence quickly overcame his being as Wanda’s fierce charge of current ate the man dissolving his entire structure in an instant.

The smell of burnt meat lingered in the air around her.

A new super Wanda was born. Fear fled from her forever. Her power would soon electrify the world for all women.

Find part 2 here:

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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