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A Shlump Today A Champ Tomorrow

Being a lazy turd has its rewards.

You’ll forgive me if I’m just a hump. Just a lazy bastard. Yeah, going to sit for a spell and read. No phone. No TV. Doing the family laundry too but baby my ass is on the couch, legs up and feeling good.

No manual, no instructions, no tome on productivity. I’m reading for fun and escape. Hope it grabs me by the nape. Take my mind and my thoughts to imagine world, a whole different place.

No have to’s guiding me. No winds are blowing on turbulent seas.

The sound of the washer and the dryer playing in the background. Suserrations of gentle mechanical ambiance, my symphony of calm abounds.

Where’s the drive? Where’s the aggressive need to make, make, make?

How much do I have to do to prove to myself I’m not fake? Author, writer tags I do claim but more than often I’m just Dad or cook. Are such titles good enough, is their weight the same?

Too much. Too much. Such drivel on the page. No need to waste a moment with self-loathing questions and inner hurtful rage.

Heck, might even put on a movie and let my mind drift off into someone else’s creative space. Leave my thinking time for a little later, not honor the inner voices of disgrace.

Fun to you and fun to me might be looking like foolishness to others but it doesn’t matter.

My pleasures and yours give us the edge to make work and toil worth so much more. Advice on how to live abounds but I tell you taking a break can be the answer from what I gather.

Turn off and turn on. Refresh without regret. Recover and redeem.

So, in my slovenly lazy stew, a smile rests in my chest like the freshness of crisp morning dew. And, I’ll be wiling away in new creative thought. The kind which grinding endlessly may never produce.

Hopefully, the repose will shake and shimmy some of the crap wanting to be loosed.

My couch so comfy and molded to my frame. I’m the one to blame. Got to be happy in the cushy pillows even if my family will be home soon and I will be on the hook to go out and play.

So, if you dare to be like me, take a chance, have a rest and for 5 minutes just be a lump. Now if you get an hour of break I’ll be jealous make no mistake.

Sometimes it’s a dream to just be a hump.

Happy Shlumping!

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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