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A Super Kind of Woman Flashback

Wanda’s concussion replays recent events repeatedly in her sleep.

Wanda’s eyes closed as she lay her head back to the ground. The impact devastated her. 13 hours of sleep helped to heal most of the light concussion from her sky fall but unconsiousness crept over her again.

Charge rested on Wanda’s chest. Her feline curiosity rested in finding Wanda. The cat’s warmth and thoughts transferred in electrical osmosis conducted through their touch and closeness

Wanda’s mind returned to playback every detail from the last day and a half:

She stood in a puddle of chemicals in the parking lot of this supermarket no warning was sounded. A flash and spark are all she felt. The bolt of electricity is sudden and intense.

Deafening thunder crashes around her but she hears only her heartbeat.

Wanda feels nothing and everything in the same instant. Every sense is magnified in extreme and overwhelming, vibrating energy.

She is standing on solid air hovering over the ground. A column of atomic fission raises her spreading crackles of blue and white magnificent static, a spiderweb surrounding her body.

Without knowing she knows. The power is now hers. Willing the flow of ionic force to withdraw and return to her center she gently floats back to the asphalt.

There is no thunderstorm. Was it heat lightning? Wanda isn’t sure but she is aware and awake. Brain is faster. Body is stronger.

Small sparks jump around her iris and cornea.

Looking around the parking lot it’s empty of possible witnesses. She has become. Wanda is full of questions. But she knows hers is now the power to will and do beyond measure.

“Hey, mama. You hot. What you got for daddy?”

Wanda turns to see him towering over her. He must be over 6 feet tall, drunk, pale white, and smelling like the inside of a rotting pair of molded boots. Where did he come from?

“Saw you standing by your car. Knew you must’ve needed a man. Cuz you lookin’ like you lost.”

Wanda lost her voice in fear. The terror of attack confronting her in shameless bold now.

Grabbing her he pulled Wanda close and used his bulk to crush her to the pavement. His lips nipped at her neck.

Wanda screamed, “No! Not me too.”

Wrapping her legs and arms in a hug around his body in a vice-like embrace she snapped his bones like twigs.

He began to yell in pain but silence quickly overcame his being as Wanda’s fierce charge of current ate the man dissolving his entire structure in an instant.

The smell of burnt meat lingered in the air around her.

Driving home, unpacking the groceries, the monotony of preparing for work all happened in a fuzz. Time elapsed but Wanda’s shock and excited amazement over her unexpected predicament froze her mind in a field of WTF!

Did she just vaporize a scumbag trying to rape her!? Did that really happen?

Pinching herself really hard, nearly drawing blood, didn’t wake her up from a crazy dream. She tried slapping herself in the face but reality did not suddenly offer any relief.

Were there cameras in the supermarket parking lot? If there were she would be easy to catch.

A brown-skinned woman turning into an electric spark then zapping a white man to dust. Yeah, there wouldn’t be any mercy. Some judge would have her doing 30 to life.

Wanda was a Manager at CostRitz, one of the biggest warehouse merchandise stores in the world. She fought to make it to the Customer Service Manager position and she did so by staying strong, smart, and calm in all situations.

Her Masters in Business Management helped too.

She stood in her apartment kitchen basking in electric surges of blue and white lightning coursing in a vibrant matrix of jagged fingers. The heat and power radiating from her body began to singe her clothes. The tile floor beneath her started to warp.

She must control the fury. Willing and pulling the reaction of energy inside she considered her greatest obstacle and nemesis.

Wanda knew she was going to be a superhero but her enemy had a lead on her. Thousands of years of a lead. The super villain of thinking stuck in male-centric bias underlying seemingly all humanity gave her pause.

Little did she think about the man she vaporized only hours ago but his energy remained in the air exactly where she zapped him and it lingered. The cloud of the rapist’s fragmented atoms hung invisibly in a magnetic confusion about to cover an unsuspecting victim.

Cat Stray Cat from Pixabay

Fragments of charged ions remained curiously suspended in the air of the supermarket parking lot for minutes after Wanda drove away. The charred ions were of Wanda’s assailant. The goon who attempted to rape her.

The more than 10 billion watts of pure electric energy Wanda concentrated into her attacker vaporized him instantly.

Before falling into the chemical puddle Wanda had been standing in when struck by lightning, the ions emitted the burnt smell of human flesh attracting a hungry hunter.

Craving the scent of meat a stray calico cat drooled. Her green eyes sparkled as she scampered in a furious sprint. Disappointed, she only found a puddle.

Some cats are wise and know beggars can’t be choosers. Her thirst groaned in her belly nearly as much as her hunger. She lapped at the puddle.

The first lick snapped her head back. Her intuition of warning sparked.

Standing water does not give a static shock in any feline memory. The taste of savory flesh filled her mouth and overcame her tentative feelings.

She drank the entire puddle. A satisfied bloated tabby.

Waking after a longer sleep than she could remember she stretched in the morning sun baking her short black, orange, and white coat. Her energy was renewed and excited.

One thought consumed all thought. “Find the origin of the scent from the puddle.”

Sparks of electricity jumped and danced in her green eyes as her nose led and demanded. Cat senses and speedy feet directed her path to find Wanda.

Cats are fast but she zoomed with unusual agility and acceleration unknown to any feline besides a cheetah. And, no cheetah could sustain her 3-mile burst of nearly 70 mph. Her dash to find the origin of the electric magic she ingested from the parking lot puddle was directed and fierce.

Jumping to the 4th-floor apartment balcony oddly felt easy. She willed it without question or consideration. An impossible leap now was natural.

Wanda hadn’t slept.

Usually waking up at 7 am, she was wide awake and feeling ready to take on the world at 6:30. Most wake ups required a shower and a strong cup of coffee to prepare for the workday. Today was different.

Meowww…” came from the balcony. The sliding shutters were closed.

One of Wanda’s eyebrows lifted in her signature expression of curiosity or serious questioning of a situation. Her apartment, located in the center of the building, was isolated by columns separating her from neighbors.

No cat could have survived a jump across and around such obstacles. Wanda had to see what the hell was outside. She opened the shutters.

Sitting on the balcony wall railing overlooking the lake behind the apartments, the calico pursuer locked electric eyes with Wanda. An instant connection and understanding traveled between the pair.

A magnetic pull drew them into one another. Wanda and the cat were like two like-charged electric terminals.

The apartments “No Pets” rule would have to be broken. Wanda named her feline friend Charge and welcomed her calico cat cohort into her digs.

“Here kitty, kitty” was the best she could think of. But, Charge needed no invitation and zipped right in.

An established camaraderie ensued immediately after Charge swallowed a can of tuna and purred while Wanda gently stroked her back.

In the 7 years Wanda worked at CostRitz she maintained perfect attendance but today she used her first Personal-Day.

Gaining mutant electric powers and making friends with a super cat required thinking over and considering options.

An entire day off from work before her scheduled 2 in a row seemed like a full vacation. Wanda needed the 3 days away from CostRitz and dealing with all the merchandise emergencies.

Powerful electric bursts flowing from your body was a drastic lifestyle and mindset shock.

Coming to grips with having superpowers looked easy in the movies and comic books but not in the real world. She figured to use her staycation for beginning to process her situation.

What would she use her powers for?
Did she have to wear some clinging to the skin, breast bulging spandex costume every comic book portrayed superhero women in? (Male masturbatory crap)
Did she have to save the world?
Would she kill bad guys or turn them into the police?

So many questions barraging her. The inner dialogue was nuts but it stopped with what began as a hiss then rumbled to a growl.

Charge demanded Wanda’s attention.

Calico cat super buddy complained due to Wanda’s hand stroking its back a bit too emphatically. Her hand was glowing hot white and blue with furious atomic electric humming.

Baring her teeth Charge turned and looked Wanda in the eyes then opened her mouth and emitted a high pitch sonic “Meowwwww…” so powerful it knocked Wanda off her feet and 5 feet backward in the air.

Cat Animal Pet Eyes from Pixabay

Being new to her auditory supersonic weapon Charge paused in as much shock as Wanda felt stunned. Cat powers besides super speed and jumping welled up curiosity in Charge regarding what other abilities she might possess.

Being thumped by a cat is humbling but Wanda found herself amazed and intrigued. She had a super equal.

Deciding to be creative, Wanda stood erupting into a sizzling ball of electric current and flew out her apartment’s sliding glass doors. She was lightning fast.

The light went out. Extinguished in a flash. She fell like a heavy stone thrown out of a tall building in the sky. Screaming in terror, Wanda abruptly lost control of any ability to generate an electric field around herself.


Crying for help seemed futile so instead, she decided to get teeth-grinding- angry.

She thought of the rapist who attacked her in the supermarket parking lot. The image would remain her trigger thought to evoke her powers.

It worked.

The hard asphalt of her apartment’s parking lot was coming so fast. Wanda began to hover but it was too late. The laws of physics do not care about superpowers.

Her rate of descent was too rapid. Had she reinitiated flying a few moments earlier the result might have been different. Wanda landed behind her apartments trash dumpster with a booming thud.

The asphalt caved and melted around her body shape in an indentation 4 inches deep. The rock, stone, and gravel around her turned into a bubbling goop lava due to the electric heat Wanda’s body emitted.

Landing on her back she lay unconscious for 13 hours. No one noticed her.

Dreams of recent events flooded her involuntary slumber.

A rough volt lick awakened Wanda. Charge is on her chest. The cat found her. No animosity from their last encounter remained.

The strike of her fall and the long slumber had a startling effect. An epiphany of purpose opened in a window of direction and future plans. But, before Wanda could act on any of her goals she had to learn the extent of her superpowers.

Testing of strength, flying, running, emitting energy. So many discoveries to be made.

Where was the superhero manual?

Even Wikipedia and Google lacked actual information for this one particular challenge — Becoming Superhero Instructions. The only things out there were just fantasy, comic books, and hypothesis.

Wanda awoke again. She was only out for ten minutes. Her concussion healed. Charge napped on her like a purring lump of kitty oatmeal. Next steps were on super Wanda’s mind.

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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