Superhero Sci-Fi Cyborg from Pixabay

A Super Kind of Woman Flashback

Greg Prince
9 min readApr 27, 2019


Wanda’s concussion replays recent events repeatedly in her sleep.

Wanda’s eyes closed as she lay her head back to the ground. The impact devastated her. 13 hours of sleep helped to heal most of the light concussion from her sky fall but unconsiousness crept over her again.

Charge rested on Wanda’s chest. Her feline curiosity rested in finding Wanda. The cat’s warmth and thoughts transferred in electrical osmosis conducted through their touch and closeness

Wanda’s mind returned to playback every detail from the last day and a half:

She stood in a puddle of chemicals in the parking lot of this supermarket no warning was sounded. A flash and spark are all she felt. The bolt of electricity is sudden and intense.

Deafening thunder crashes around her but she hears only her heartbeat.

Wanda feels nothing and everything in the same instant. Every sense is magnified in extreme and overwhelming, vibrating energy.

She is standing on solid air hovering over the ground. A column of atomic fission raises her spreading crackles of blue and white magnificent static, a spiderweb surrounding her body.

Without knowing she knows. The power is now hers. Willing the flow of ionic force to withdraw and return to her center she gently…



Greg Prince

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