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A Super Kind of Woman Taking Action & Cat Consequences

True power and generation shined in her eyes like glowing white hot suns being born. Her indecision vanished. Justice is not served by standing around and watching wrong go down unanswered.

Wanda’s anger peaked. They couldn’t just walk away. She knew about kid’s being forced to sling dope.

Growing up in a tough neighborhood, Wanda saw shot callers making kids into their mules and ruining lives forever. She made up her mind then and there to find the source of the heroin and to help the teenager still lying on the ground have a better life.

Thoughts on her the future of using her superpowers to help out those who couldn’t help themselves began forming.

First the thugs.

She ran in an electric blur of speed jolting to catch the unsuspecting heroin addicts. They were speeding away driving on Conway Road. The red Camaro didn’t have a chance.

They might have been going 80 mph but Wanda ran next to them effortlessly. She could hear their music blasting out open windows. Having good taste in music didn’t exclude them from feeling her wrath.

Before unleashing hell she had to listen for a moment. Maxwell’s beautiful song Pretty Wings almost calmed Wanda’s furious desires. But she was not to be swayed.

Because she moved with the sound of wind the occupants of the Camaro didn’t notice her at first. She screamed, “Hi fellas!”

As the two men looked to their left and noticed the blur of brown lightning zipping next to them Wanda became an electric ball of white and blue spark.

Comic Noise Paleness from Pixabay

She rammed the Camaro with a tremendous blast. The car took air in a violent flip and landed on its hood, thankfully, thirty feet down the road. Wanda didn’t intend to send the car smashing into a house or property.

Doing extensive damage to the surrounding area didn’t play well with her. All the superheroes in movies caused billions of dollars in damage with their exploits. Wanda wanted to avoid giving anyone a reason to think she was too much trouble to have around.

Before she could walk up to the car Charge ran past Wanda and jumped on the Camaro’s underbelly. The cat began a loud buzzing and hissing growl. Charge slashed at the car’s metal frame.

Super cat claws ripped into the car’s exposed transmission. Charge flew into the air and a laser of blue and green electric shock flowed from kitty eyes down to ruptured fuel leak.

The car exploded.

Boom Comics from Pixabay

Charge flew away unscathed.

Wanda knew there was only one thing to do. Get away! She flew back to the teenage boy lying on the concrete at her apartment complex.

“You okay?’

“Yeah, I’m alrigh. Who you? Some kinda freak. Out here in a costume.”

“I saw.”

“You ain’t seen nothin. I got to roll.”

“I just want to help you.”

“Nobody asking for help. Mind your own.”

Wanda didn’t know what to think and it pissed her off she was being abruptly dismissed. She thought the boy was kind of like Charge. He would only warm up to her on his own terms.

Letting him walk away wasn’t easy but she stood silently as he moved quickly off behind the apartments. Wanda’s interest was peaked and she took to the air flying some 50 feet above and 25 feet behind the teenage drug dealer.

The most probable course he would take would be right to the boss. Wanda wanted to nail her first big take-down. With a little patience, she could get rid of a shot caller and help the kid out without the kid knowing.

Thinking about the deaths of the two thugs in the Camaro would have to wait for later. Collateral damage.

Right now Wanda grasped a bit of get-back for all the years of misogyny and abuse she and other women dealt with at the hands of stronger men.

Being super strong and having electric emitting superpowers felt intoxicating.

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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