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A Wonderful Piece of Humor Startled Me Today. The Story, Written By Roz Warren Challenged The Idea Concerning the Length of a Medium Title. Can it Go On Forever? I Loved Reading Roz’s Story. It Made Me Want to Write a ‘Forever Title’ Story Too. So, Here it is! This is Fun. I Think a Hundred Stories Like This Should Pop Up on Medium. Why Not a Thousand. Writing an Article in this Style Will Cause Your Brain to Break Out of its Regular Tempo. Get Out the Box, Dammit! Your Writing Mojo Needs Some Strange, and I’m Not Talking Booty Call. I’m Spitting Fire. Write Weird and Spur Your Creativity. Jump Off Your Content Deep End For a Breakthrough to the Other Side. What Other Side? The One Where You’re Not Doing the Same Old Thing. The One Where You’re Letting Loose. Will People Look at You Strange? Hell No. Nobody Looks at You. We Only Read You. Have a Heap of Moxy. Get Some Guts. Enjoy Awkward for a Brief Moment. We’re Stuck in a Pattern of ‘Safe,’ but it’s Stifling. Quarantine My Creativity, I Think Not! Look how Many Damn Exclamation Points are in this Title. Surely, I’m Violating Someone’s Punctuation Rules. But, I Can Get Away With Anything Because. Because I Decided to. And Medium May Have a Rule About Such Titles in the Future, So Hop On Board Now Before You Can’t Act Crazy Like this Again. Why Not? I Challenge You all to Dig Down Deep and Do Something Different. Publish an Extraordinary Title Story. Begin and Don’t Look Back. And Most Importantly, Have Fun! This is A Huge Block of Text. I Never Write Walls Without Space In My Stories. A No-No. Oops. Roz Warren Invited Us To Write These ‘Endless Title’ Stories, and She Came Up With The Idea. I’m Very Thankful Because This Exercise Has Lightened My Day/Night, Heck Current Medium Experience. I Hope You’ll Join in and Make it a Trend as Roz Warren Suggested. I’ll Start the Ball Rolling and Use the Tag She Originated ‘Endless Medium Title’ for this Story. Would Anybody Like to see a Publication with only Endless Medium Title Stories? Idea! We Would Allow Only Forever Titles and Subtitles With One Link to A Different Writers Story At The Bottom. No Pictures. Now the Wheels are Turning. This Will Not Be Curated, and I Don’t Care. Not Everything Has to Be About Getting Curated. But, I Do Want Something. I Envy Roz Warren. Medium Sent Her a Free T-Shirt. I Want One Too. If Ev Williams Will Bestow the Great Honor of Sending Me a Free Medium Tee, I Will Show It Off on Facebook, Here on Medium, and Every Other Social I’m on. Hear Me, Great One!

The Challenge Extends to the Subtitle. Dare We? Is There No Stop to this Madness! When Will it End? Sure it’s Late or Early if You Prefer, and I’m a Bit Loopy, but I’m Not About to Leave this Area Dangling Without Adding a Few Closing Thoughts. The Holidays Are Upon Us and this Year has Given Us Many Challenges. We Remain and Retain The Chance To Create and Give. Giving and Loving May Mean Isolating and Physically Staying Away However We Can Stay Connected. My Nuclear Family Will Party With Relatives on Zoom and at a Distance in Driveways. We’ll be Wearing Masks: We Will Still Show and Share. Love Will Replace the Epidemic Because We Care.

Henry The Smiley Clown Funny Smile Language Weird from Pixabay

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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