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An Especially Super Woman’s Operation

Greg Prince
6 min readMay 18, 2019

Wanda kicks ass and helps change the course of a nation’s future.

Mendoza was one of the most handsome men Wanda had ever seen. He looked born to command and carried himself with a chest out pompous strut. His broad shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist giving him a youthful appearance. Threads of grey in his otherwise deep black hair seemed to impart wisdom and strength but Medoza was a murderous tyrant leading Venezuela into poverty and destruction.

Wanda shook off her conflicting thoughts. She wanted to strike him down and end his madness.

Upon arriving in Caracas, Venezuela she found a pair of jeans and a shirt made for a much larger person. She thought borrowing the garments from the clothesline justifiable and planned to return them.

Blending in with protestors and citizens topped Wanda’s agenda. People marched in the street carrying signs and singing songs of freedom. The spirit of hopefulness and camaraderie radiated in an infectious collective will.

There he stood on top of a tank flanked by armed soldiers, his voice booming,

“Mi gente, estamos en tiempos de gran lucha!” Mendoza captivated few of the demonstrators.

Wanda understood a couple of the words but the translator app on her phone immediately deciphered the Spanish, “My people we are in times of great struggle!”

The People’s Voice

The crowd roared back in unison, “Salga ahora, Mendoza.” Their meaning clearly stated, “Mendoza leave now.”

Then they began repeating, “Rivera, Rivera, Rivera…”

Zamira Rivera led the reform party for the democratic revolution supported by 95% of Venezuela’s population.

Sham elections Mendoza allowed a month past showed Rivera to be the winner and Venezuela's new president but Medoza claimed fraud and a miscount.



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