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An Especially Super Woman’s Operation

Wanda kicks ass and helps change the course of a nation’s future.

Mendoza was one of the most handsome men Wanda had ever seen. He looked born to command and carried himself with a chest out pompous strut. His broad shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist giving him a youthful appearance. Threads of grey in his otherwise deep black hair seemed to impart wisdom and strength but Medoza was a murderous tyrant leading Venezuela into poverty and destruction.

Wanda shook off her conflicting thoughts. She wanted to strike him down and end his madness.

Upon arriving in Caracas, Venezuela she found a pair of jeans and a shirt made for a much larger person. She thought borrowing the garments from the clothesline justifiable and planned to return them.

Blending in with protestors and citizens topped Wanda’s agenda. People marched in the street carrying signs and singing songs of freedom. The spirit of hopefulness and camaraderie radiated in an infectious collective will.

There he stood on top of a tank flanked by armed soldiers, his voice booming,

“Mi gente, estamos en tiempos de gran lucha!” Mendoza captivated few of the demonstrators.

Wanda understood a couple of the words but the translator app on her phone immediately deciphered the Spanish, “My people we are in times of great struggle!”

The People’s Voice

The crowd roared back in unison, “Salga ahora, Mendoza.” Their meaning clearly stated, “Mendoza leave now.”

Then they began repeating, “Rivera, Rivera, Rivera…”

Zamira Rivera led the reform party for the democratic revolution supported by 95% of Venezuela’s population.

Sham elections Mendoza allowed a month past showed Rivera to be the winner and Venezuela's new president but Medoza claimed fraud and a miscount.

Rivera declared herself president and the United States, as well as several other nations, recognized her as Venezuela’s new leader.

Wanda believed the United States should lessen its role in policing and delegating who should be in power in the world but in Venezuela’s case, every kind of support seemed helpful.

Singing, screaming, and sign waving continued in a gradually louder and more vigorous push toward the state’s armored vehicles, tanks, and army. Mendoza slipped down into a Humvee and his transport sped away quickly.

Blaring sirens began to scream and an anonymous voice blasted out directions to stop and return to your homes. “Alto! Regresen a sus hogares.”

Protestors ignored the orders. They marched toward the tanks and army. Wanda moved with the crowd.

Thumping shooting blasts began pounding the air. Wanda watched white clouds of tear gas billowing out and between advancing protestors.

Angry and desperate demonstrators began throwing bottles and rocks at the military. The scene began to escalate in tension. An excited passionate fever filled with national pride spread through the crowds.

Shots rang out and Wanda saw people dropping around her. She knew the time to act.


Mayhem in the streets gave her the opportunity. She donned her mask and shed her baggy clothing. Channeling her anger by remembering her attempted rape and focussing on the injustice happening in front of her, Wanda surrounded herself in an electric burst of pure energy.

She emitted a glow of radiation raising her into the air 20 feet above the street. The army mistook her for an explosion and reacted with more firing at the throngs of their own citizenry.

Wanda responded to the attack by shooting volts of direct current at the tanks and armored vehicles. She sent bolts of her own lightning near every soldier holding or firing an AK-47.

Each devastating electric shock blasted a small crater in the street and caused soldiers to collapse. Her jolts knocked tanks and assault vehicles onto their sides or flipped them over.

As the clouds of tear gas dissipated the crowds rushed forward but didn’t harm any downed soldier. Instead, they tended to the fallen and aided them to recover in safety.

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Wanda decided to find Mendoza. Her anger thirsted for justice.

Flying higher gave her a quick view of the streets leading out from the Plaza Bolivar, the historic center of Caracas. She thought, “I will find him,” and began scanning the area in search of the caravan of presidential Humvees. The armored vehicles left only minutes ago.

Winding through crowded avenues a couple of miles ahead she spotted her mark. They were stopped. Wanda flew down to a building top close by. She remained out of sight for the moment.

Mendoza waved to citizens blocking his entourage and spoke into a megaphone. “Por favor, movete!”

She wanted the recognition, to be known as the difference maker, but Wanda considered her position before she acted. She still wasn’t known so she could act in anonymity and accomplish much more while keeping some semblance of privacy. Being noticed had consequences and setbacks.

Her fury exploded though as she saw Medoza order, “Adelante!” She knew it meant go forward. Guilt shook her watching the soon to be ex-president’s Humvee run over 2 Venezuelans and hit 3 other people.

Wanda reached out and directed huge streams of sizzling electric death at Mendoza. The former general’s armored vehicle exploded and began to melt. Fortunately, the crowd around Medoza’s caravan had dispersed and taken away the injured previous to Wanda’s singing display of power.

Quite suddenly Mendoza was no more.

A stunned few seconds of reflection settled on Wanda. Her act felt justified yet so brutal and final. She hid behind the corner of the building rooftop out of sight from the onlookers below.

Her eyes watered at the intensity and significance of the moment.

Their voices reached her chanting, “Oh Dios mío!” then, “del cielo…” Wanda shook her disturbed thoughts off. The crowds below were saying, “Oh my god it came from heaven.” She ran to the back of the rooftop and zipped out in the air.

Flying home as fast as possible Wanda kept replaying her acts of intervention over and over again. She wasn’t one to get headaches but the pressure in her mind persisted until she arrived on her apartment balcony and found Charge waiting for her there.

“Charge, where have you been? You’ve been a bad kitty.” But, Wanda stroked Charge’s back and the super cat purred in vigorous vibrations. The stress of her day rolled off and Wanda put her worries aside for a few minutes.

International news shouted, “Venezuelan’s Claim Divine Intervention!” The stories reported several children seeing an angel of light send lightning killing Mendoza and ending the travesty being committed against the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela’s new president, Zamira Rivera, addressed the international broadcast,

“Today marks a new era for Venezuela. The people have peace and prosperity to work and live for. We will rebuild and take our place as a truly democratic nation in harmony with the world.”

Wanda smiled and watched. The reports recounting her deeds were less than accurate but served to inform the world of Venezuela’s new beginning.

“It’s greater to give without being recognized or congratulated,” Wanda thought.

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