How To Get Your Winning Lottery Ticket Secure

Greg Prince
4 min readNov 17, 2018

Imagine your path to peace and productivity.

Tickets Lights Entrance Des from Pixabay

Everybody gets one. Some of us get two or more. A few of us realize we have one and value it early on and other’s of us never are aware we possess this gem of a ballot.

Many believe the numbers on the slip we pull are set and direct every action we make or take. Is that true?

I would say, “Yes” the numbers have been ordered but they are pliable and new ones you can choose.

A great deal of us understands we hold this amazing raffle ticket.

This super yummy treat, this spectacular pass to riches when we have seen trials and tribulations.

Then the voucher becomes so much more valuable.

Pulling a Winner!

You’ve found it and it’s become a part of you. It’s in everything that you do. The ticket is your friend and your greatest ally.

A raffle you’ve already won, there all along.

When it’s hiding and you can’t see it, it’s there. The shadow of our spirit clouds its prize but it’s present. A ticket waiting every second to be unveiled.

A cry for a purpose to cash it in, to claim the treasure straining to burst in our gut should the raffle ticket be restrained.



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