Beware of Medium Profile Hackers — My Account Has Been Compromised

I’m not on WhatsApp and I won’t send you my phone number but please keep reading and clapping my stories.

Greg Prince
3 min readOct 7, 2021


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This morning I found out my profile on Medium was hacked. It was hijacked by this creep: https://medium.com/@rubaduejones and if you see that URL in a post supposedly by me ignore it, delete it, and curse it.

The person @rubaduejones is scum. They hijacked my account but I think Medium is addressing this immediately. If you see the scum bag sending you a message disregard it, please.

Great thanks to Steve B Howard NOVELIST and Terry L. Cooper for informing me first-off this morning they were receiving messages from me that seemed out-of-order(because it wasn’t me) and recognized the possible hack. It’s wonderful to see my fellow writers have my back. Thanks also to KS Copeland for contacting me about the scammy comments they received.

This kind of networking is awesome.

When we work together to help solve issues our world is a better place. I consider many of my fellow authors to be part of my extended family. While we don’t share any blood relation we do have a sort of a kindred spirit and this morning it was evident.

Kudos to Medium!

As I am writing this I just received an email from Medium informing me that the offender was found in violation of Medium rules and has removed them. I am very thankful to Medium and my Medium family.

In my experience, when Medium is informed of a challenging situation they are quick to respond. I’ve read others complaining about their slow responses but this has not occurred with me.

Hopefully, this issue is completely resolved and I don’t have to address any other factors but I’m probably going to change my password.

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My heart and mind began racing when I initially received the warning of the hack but it spurred me into…



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