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Blistering Eyes and Ears of Racism

Greg Prince
2 min readJul 16, 2019


Unfortunate dividing sounds.

Stood there and listened.
Thoughts enraged and hurt.
Bigot’s words from the voice of oppression.
Would my reprimand be heard?

Teeth gnashing.
Eyes ablaze.
Furrowed brows.

Stuck in a daze at the conversation.
Fools do you hear yourselves?
Hypocrites spouting vile vitriol.
For only the ignorant and unwoke those sentiments are reserved.

Standing in a sea of shame.
In a pool of unwanted sight I can’t unsee.
Cornered and clustered in a world unfit for dreams.
Your words stung cutting deep.

Silent mulling.
Digging trenches.
Buried identity.
Still caring.

Not my place to change your who.
Saw a new shade of underneath you.
Worry wasn’t on my mind.
Found a new way to define.

Heard a man once say racism could only be against Black.
White the one always on the attack.
But, I was there when the meaning flipped and turned.
Felt my soul begin to burn.
Behind bars tongues get loose.
Had to decide to cower, be brave, choose.

Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian voices all.
Assaulted my heritage and put down Jews.

Gave up my religion long ago.
Yet ingrained in me are the memory and my family I love and know.
Called us dirty, cheap, and trash.
Conspirators running the world yet no better than diseased rats.

Some might say that kind of racism doesn’t exist.
But, I tell you hating Jews does persist.

Risked my life a time or two.
Called out the offenders.
Made a point.
Ears remained closed, unhearing, scoffing.
So, I learned to walk away.
Suffering only to have my say.
Learned not to waste my breath.
Some keep their eyes shut until death.



Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.