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Blood of My Blood — Flesh of My Flesh

That awesome red sticky stuff running through our veins.

The juice of everything we be doesn’t even know our names.

Yes, the goop tells us women or man but it might take our noodle a while to understand. So concerning is the issue too many accept and commit to separate because of shade, a belief, or how much bacon is kept and spent.

When the ink in our body’s highways is near all the same can’t we all find a way to walk hand in hand.

True we work and deserve to reap.

But how much do we need to pile up on the heap?

I’m entitled to nothing but death and so are you so please don’t scoff because we don’t wear the same status shoes.

Might be a day to come when all are seen good enough to be who they be without a government pretending to grant rights in a tangled sea.

Current thoughts of freedom wrapped up in farce. Fake laws of bondage equal us as chattel telling us we’re free but this idea must be parsed.

Like sheep, we walk in comas of never-ending rules and licenses to justify who we be yet the bandage must rip off so hearts can learn and see.

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That awesome red sticky stuff coursing through our veins.

So if you bleed and the color isn’t green you might just be quite a bit through and through almost the same as the person grown up 3000 miles away. Otherwise, you may be from Venus or perhaps Mars. Who can say?

Let’s all rise up and claim the right of our blood not given by a document or a government thug.

Insist on whom we are born to be, souls of love in a freaky, messy people sea.

Don’t want no leader telling me how.
Don’t want no divider making me bow.
Don’t need no ruler given me hate.
Don’t need no fake king decreeing my fate.
Can you hear?
What the voices are making clear?
The world ain’t working the way it is.
So many crying blood-soaked tears.
While we go on singing our song a struggle to pay our bills;
the day is long.
Ain’t no white horse coming along,
no grand stallion to whom we belong.
A new tune of freedom must make a splash.
Fill our hearts and minds to change the world in a crash.
Can you hear the call for a new world?
Can you hear?
Put aside the anger and useless fear.
All nations together joined as one.
No more wars for riches or faiths.
Can it be done?

I used to watch my infants play and though they disagreed on occasion with a play friend they were always laughing and sharing in the end. And as they grew and the corruption of the world entered their notions changed.

I observed the “Mine” and how this learned message is used to derange.

Could we all become innocent as the young child before such damage and meanings are compiled?

The answer is “Yes” but to find it might prove beyond unless we all submit to a peace of learned love creating an existence only in which harmony can explode and respond.

Can you hear…Can you hear the blood falling and the tears?
Fly up to the clouds never coming down.
Not sure where they're going to take me.
Nobody knows.

Won’t you join me and take a ride.
We’ll find us some sky.
Build us a castle and a dream.
Where we can open up and don’t have to hide.

Can you hear?

We all got it. We all bleed the same color. We can learn to be as one.

That awesome red sticky stuff flowing through our veins.

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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