Blood Mosquito Animal from Pixabay

Brag On Little Sucking Fly

Greg Prince
1 min readApr 18, 2019


A flashfiction look into the thoughts of a mosquito.

Blood on my mind. All I see leads to blood. Every sense in this efficient machine carefully honed to collect the red ambrosia. I am the deadliest killer in the world.

Zipping wings carry me to my next victim, my prey. Not much you can do to stop me. Speed becomes my every move. Ravenous needles bite and extract right to my abdomen.

Your blood, protein to fuel my progeny. Reproduction and more blood life’s only meaning.

Buzz to drive you mad. Swats only give you a small escape. More of us will swarm and find every creature alive.

Try to hide but we will seek you out.

Our itch to Rule!

Aedes Aegypti Cartoon



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