Complex Wonder — Simple Glory

Think of the sparkle and happiness children can bring.

Children illuminate and unveil so much to parents.
Like magic, we see ourselves in them.
Like an inverse mirror,
we feel and hear our parents words and attributes expressing themselves.
We hear our wrongs and rights exposed and shouting back at us.

  • Our self is flayed open with blinding revulsion at what we have created.

Wonder touches the very moment their eyes open.
Alive with honest agony they cry and scream.
Upon the world left without the cord filled with Mother’s dream.
Thrust and awakened filling a new space both odd and frightening.
We see our glimpse and rebel, each one of us wanting return to our cove.

  • Our regret is present for mistakes we have unknowingly created.

First rejection and denial consumes and terrifies but then
connection reestablished permeates by touch, smell, hormonal familiarity.
A mother’s love transmits through sound and a warming breast.
But, more horror awaits and creeps like an undeniable addiction.
Hunger and it’s demanding, it’s unwavering and angry plea.

  • Our repentance is to make every moment onward one bit better.

A holding of a finger remakes a parent’s world.
Our life poured out in an embrace so small yet mighty.
The coos and gurgles make the strongest of the strong melt with adoring.
But challenges so great, so immense persist and come forth.
A living sponge large and present now known and cared for is here.

  • Our morals and principals our ways they have so we must reform.

Learning in every waking second, taking in all to compute to where
is molded habits can’t be explained yet made a solid root.
Spotted with laughter and pain in the fight of molting, growing, discomfort
and overcoming with delight in discovery, sadness, and pleasures.
A greater treasure there is no match for the progeny marked in your essence.

  • Our job, to remain mindful for their mind to have its own mind.

Where we have failed, they will go and triumph.
Where we have succeeded, they will exceed our greatest efforts.
Where we have not seen, they will put away the hurt and grasp a fresh reality
lacking all the evils we perpetuate.
Where we have destroyed and denied culpability, they will build and claim.

  • Our meaning is they will be more than us and their purpose true.

It has always been this way and it always will.
Give our children all the peace and love we can instill.
Put away hate in all its forms and show your children
harmony amongst all people can be reborn.
Light is not at the end of the tunnel, it is right here with us always.

Build upon your light and rekindle it. Your children’s light is bright and shining, join it, share in it, and grow it. Recall your inner child. That is glory.

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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