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Conbaboobalated Math

The trials and tribulations of homework.

Greg Prince
2 min readOct 2, 2019

My daughter did her math homework today. I assist her in figuring out her math problems and the task can be damn-tooting-Conbaboobalating! The new method she uses to multiply is a confusing mishmash method of finding partial products then adding them together. Our education system has gone to the dark side.

Unfortunately, there’s no lightsaber-wielding math Jedi master to vanquish our foe. So, we battle the homework legions together.

We spent an hour, our faces went dour, and we were so frustrated we both had to stop at different times to take a cold shower. I tell you it’s madness. This new math will have you taking a bath in your own tears.

Since both of our brains were discombobulated and askew the time came for a change and I figured nothing would help us return to sanity besides a good laugh.

My daughter had attempted to figure out an equation but misplaced a number. I went over the method with her and she smiled and said, “Oh what a goof. I missed the placement but now I get it.”

I looked at her and said, “It’s okay you just got Conbaboobalated,” and we both shared a chuckle. We found the afternoon restored but we were both bored so we broke out Monopoly and played till we snored.

Off to school again.

The End.

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