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Confiscating Me

Greg Prince
2 min readMar 22, 2019

Rearranging essence.

On a thread without a grip. I slip and dive into a crevice in the walls of desire I cannot reach or have. My mind is ablaze, no water can quench the flame.

Who is? What is? Where is? My questions do not cease. No answer is present.

I see the shadow of a hope lingering beyond ability and yet the goal seems so obvious and easy to achieve. The end eludes me.

Wanting you with every fiber of my essence and the voices cry, “In time…” but I have waited a thousand years in a weeping pause of bursting sadness. Waiting in a concrete playground full of grown children there is no glowing rest.

Barbed chains eat me with contempt and mocking.

Escape is only greeted with compounded fleeing and an endless monotony of derelict paranoia.

I have no repose.

What am I but a pieced together gamble of ideas derived from input designed to corrupt or control? Some doctrine or handed down tool programmed to direct my thoughts, determine my outcome.

Fatalist bullshit…Why should I be then? To what end but to serve a line justifying an ego playing me like a game then rewarded for subservience when already I am predetermined.

A circle of neverending consequences leading to a beginning there is no choice in. Ah, but inserted is the freedom of mind to not serve and fail. How convenient for the game of rigged ego.

Give up then?

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Without blame and in my skin I wake this moment seeing and alive.

Burning and screaming sing my soul, “No more!”

But, the whores of scavenging mind wolves do a circle and surround the camp of the rebellious.

With a staunch and sound mind demanding to be different hold, be sure, and strong.

Breeze of Triumph

Laughing in a tear.
Hold the pain and suffer but never giving in.
Arrest the fear and conquer by inches gained.
Send the trouble and the hurt away.
Free of worry and of doubt live renewed.
Each new day a step out of harsh into our own game.
Wind of a new grace washes away the hurt and shame.

Stand with me and break old bones and bonds. Take back your IS. Think in a totally new box, a unique frame, your own scope.



A creative writing experiment.



Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.