Conflicted and Corrupted

Greg Prince
2 min readMar 23, 2019


Familial backstabbing.

Conflated and confused.
Base and degenerate.
Wrapped up around my heart.
Where has my love flown?
I’m drowning in seas of antipathy.
Unfound and fearful.
Scared and crushed.
Destroyed inside my identity.
Where has my kindness hidden?
I’m soaked in seas of condescension.
Cornered and desperate.
Immature and angry.
Turned down piercing my soul.
Where has my empathy fled?
I’m burning in seas of contradiction.
Emboldened and inflamed.
Grounded and ready.
Stripped bare exposing my ego.
Where has my loyalty hidden?
I’m burning in seas of vacillations.

One day passed you were no more but I have no regret for your loss. I might have but the weight was lifted from me. What you did left an empty spot in me. I will never forget. Forgiveness is not. I remember the good and a time of love as well as honor and respect then you flushed it down the drain. I am still here you are no more.

Perhaps you have felt this way toward a close family member. I wrote this to express feelings of betrayal remembered. The fond memories of this relationship are still in my heart but the familial disloyalty cut me from this person like a razor sharp blade slicing through all cords of our connection.

Severed and whole, refreshed and alive I go on.

Heart Torn Broken from Pixabay



Greg Prince

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