Despair No More — Move and Make

Revolution of Ideology

Don’t know if I believe me.
Don’t know if can wait.
Desperation so clearly,
can I find a way through this maze of hate?

See all the hungry eyes looking down
for a face to shame.
And, a leader full of nothing
standing on a stage with his cartoon face and insecure aims.

Can you hear empty rage?
Can you feel voices crying?
Will you stop and turn the page?
Listen closely, hounds are screaming — want freedom from this cage.

Don’t know if you believe me.
Don’t know if you care.
Difficult to find a reason,
must find a cause and a feeling we can all unite in and share.

Feeling right to stoke the fury
for return and a path to change.
And, ask a recent past leader’s grace to reign
usher in a new age, many colors and many genders — give us range.

Obama Man Person from Pixabay

It’s out of sight, won’t happen overnight,
but it’s here right before us.
Got to catch the kite of hope and
explode the feeling of love that can guide our need for one who’s JUST.

Join in the parade of an everlasting song.
The call of the weary who’ve been wronged.
The dirty and tired, the hurting and the broke.
The country is ours not some rich man’s joke.

Can’t say if you should believe me?
Can’t tell what you will do?
Can’t change one hair of your thinking?
Please consider in conceiving a help to remake and renew.

A simple word, a simple smile, bloom, and polish,
give reason to lighten our burden.
We toil and carry the load,
by our wisdom and courage, calluses are worn — we rise again for certain.

Born in this world, thrown in this fire, tempered and hardened
but softened by our striving and full of discord.
Creation is beginning and will free prisoners
from the bondage of the pretended supremacy hateful horde.

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

Proud to call this land my home.
Secure in our nation, need to be free from the orange overlord of disgrace.
Tired of his voice and face.
Our vote can change thinking, restore peace and faith.

Don’t know if I believe me.
Don’t know if I can wait.
But, I’m willing and able to give us a chance, the people,
all the people to take the steps and change our fate.

Bless us all and may our spirits unite in harmony to delight in the glory of a union in seeking indivisible understanding.

(This is needed in a great many countries in the world. My heart and mind go out to those suffering in nations moving toward hurtful nationalism and needing a move toward openness instead of blame and separation.)

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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