Dirt Boogers

Greg Prince
3 min readNov 1, 2018

Fun aspects from working multiple jobs and being busy as hell.

Image from Pixabay

“Well, you wake up in the morning. Aint no pork up in the pan. But you better not complain boy. You get in trouble with the man. Let the midnight special shine it’s light on me…,” (From Midnight Special by CCR)

I love that song and often sing it out loud when I’m doing lawn work. Nobody could possibly hear my caterwauling over the machinery I’m landscaping with. I’ve owned and operated a small landscaping business for almost 12 years.

Before I began to wear a covering over my face while working I had the distinct pleasure of breathing in tons of debris. I’m lucky to not have terrible allergies to pollen but when your nose is processing a pound of it a day there are bound to be complications.

Enter the dirt booger!

These pesky critters have no prejudice and no mercy. They lump and clump together in the most secret, sinister, darkness of nostrils. Composed of pollen, dirt, grass, mucus, and other icky things dirt boogers have a gruesome existence.

Imagine my disgust when I found a bug in one of these clusters just discharged from my nose. I had breathed in a tiny ant and it died in dirt booger, crusted mass.

Punk Sneeze From Pixabay

Now I understood why so many of the working landscapers I drove by wore bandanas. So, I set out to search Amazon and found a nylon, sun protection, open-ended tube to cover my neck and pull over my nose and ears. Over the years this protection has stopped dirt boogers to some degree. Some of the micro dust and pollen still finds its way into my nose.

The congestion isn’t fun but I am thankful to find an almost remedy for dirt boogers. Tissues just didn’t cut it.

Tissue Box From Pixabay

When I am not working outside I am working on my writing, attempting to run a store on eBay, and learning how to code. There are different boogers to face in these vocations. Then there is family and tending to the home.

I am so thankful for all of this. Many days I wonder how there will be enough time to accomplish the list in my mind. Often the next day must suffice to get that list done. That is really having fun. Learning to let go and to be filled with purpose to be useful, helpful, and giving while always on the run.

Hopefully, this little tale has given you a grin and warn you about dirt boogers and where they begin.

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