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Distributed Grace From Crypto to Domination


Sheeple of the tech and tumble new order life.

“Inevitable integration of our species has led us to boldly go where no other generation has ventured.” A billion screens around the globe displayed the message in more than 250 languages.

The image behind the words had the shape of a human head with faces of famous peace-seeking and well-respected leaders projected on the face. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Kenedy, Ronald Reagan, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and others graced the figure.

“The world will join all peoples and countries into one. We will be one nation. Our nation’s name is Orbis Unum.”

The voice was a combination of sounds both human and computer generated. Soothing and relaxed. A reassuring sense of belonging was delivered. Light ambient mood music filled the background with soft sounds.

Millions of computers connected and confirmed the transaction of linking all processes centered in hundreds of large computing facilities spread throughout the world. Blockchain ushered in immutable power and control to evolution in AI which was now embedded in 99% of the brains of the world.

Advances in biotech allowed the circuits to engineer a subtle meshing with human biology.

Chips were consumed in Milk sold everywhere. Sodas, beer, wine, and bottled water all contained minuscule microprocessors linking to the system. Baby formula and food were laced with the Novus Ordo Seclorum modules.

“All of you will receive your dollar bill. The serial numbers on your bill are your identification. Do not lose your dollar bill. Severe penalties and fines will be enforced for the destruction or loss of your dollar bill. Replacement will require reeducation training.”

The New World Order began May 1st, 2029.

“The first decree of our esteemed leader NOS is to honor our beginning of a more efficient and peaceful world with 3 days of celebration and frivolity before we embark on our new 500-day work period.”

“You may pick up your free 3 days of rations from your local food dispensaries immediately. Party Time!”

Prince’s song 1999 played in a loud roar around the globe with the words changed to “Party like it’s 2029” inserted into the song.

The faction of rebels is growing. We don’t understand why they resist. Our lives are so peaceful and organized now. No more guns. Virtual love whenever desired. Free rations. Guaranteed education, work, and advancement.

Life in our world Novus Ordum is without trouble, except for the rebels.

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Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.