Greg Prince
Sep 20, 2022


Don’t use the word ‘Actually’ when speaking or writing! I despise when the filler word ‘Actually’ is used to qualify any statement. It’s terrible English. It’s a mind fart worse than ‘uh’ in any speech.

When you say ‘Actually’ I don’t think you’ve lent authenticity to anything you’ve said. I think you’re hunting to validate yourself, and it’s redundant and disingenuous.

Stop it!

To hell with your attempts to be cute or en vogue with crappy vernacular. It’s irritating.

Rage Angry Explosion from Pixabay

Yes, I’m a bit obsessive about certain language usage, but if I hear you say ‘Actually’ one more time my head is going to explode.

Please heed this warning before you get my brain pieces scattered all over your shirt.

I hoped this interruption disrupted your thinking, speaking, and writing.

Have a beautiful day and:

Get your write on!



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