Texas Rose Bellied Lizard from Pixabay

Dragons Of Our Own Creation

Reptilian consequences not anticipated.

Watching the transformation sent chills tingling and snapping up my spine. Lizards are so common and in abundance on my pool deck. But, the green and brown lizard I saw today basking in the hot sun on our lounge chair by the pool struck me as anything but regular.

I opened the middle blackout shade covering our sliding glass doors to get a look at the pool and backyard. Venturing out into the 105˚ Fahrenheit heat didn’t appeal to me at all. Having a pool is great but sometimes the sun is too much to bear.

Then the odd site captured my attention. It sat on the nylon slats of the lawn chair like any other lizard. Steam surrounded the small reptile.

Seeing it’s red throat rhythmically pulse in and out hypnotized my gaze.

My thoughts raced to see the steam, I thought must be vapor caused by the extreme heat and humidity of the day, turn dark like a tiny thunder cloud. The lizard suddenly burst into a small flame which then encrusted it such as a piece of meat being burnt and singed.

The sweltering warmth of the day and rays of the sun appeared to be frying the lizard.

However, I observed the reptile crust to grow. The skin around the lizard shook and boiled in several spots around the form. Less than 2 minutes passed and a bigger lizard scraped and crawled out.

The newly formed lizard looked to be as big as a small rat. The site amazed and baffled me. But what happened next alarmed and scared me.

I watched the once 2-inch long reptile go through the same process three more times until it achieved a much larger body. The baking and instant evolution transmogrified the lizard right in front of my eyes until it attained the dimensions of a large dog.

Sharp teeth formed spiking down the sides of the lizard's mouth. Its long powerful tail switched back and forth. The reptile’s black eyes stared at mine through the glare of intense sunlight and the glass between us.

Fright gripped my rational mind and I prepared to be attacked by the lizard. It bent its legs ready to spring. I froze in awe and anticipation. Then the creature leaped but it didn’t come for me.

Springing 20 feet in the air it tore through the screen enclosure over my pool. In one motion it snatched a small bird in its mouth and continued its jump into our neighbor’s yard.

I rushed outside and smelled a horrible sulfuric rotten egg scent. To my horror, hundreds of small bursts of flame lit around the outside of our house’s pool deck and screened-in area.

Rushing back inside my the world seemed unready and unsafe. A new age of dinosaurs dawned and I witnessed the beginnings. Could a house or anything else protect my family from such creatures?

Terror set upon my heart today. The intense heat and climate change altered the course of humankind in a new way, unforeseen and deadly in a drastic, immediate consequence.

“Channel Six News is first to report to you a warning to stay inside! Giant lizards, scientist are speculating may be dinosaurs, are attacking and killing humans and pets. Do not leave your house or apartment unless in a vehicle,” the news anchor said.

Sirens blared around neighborhoods and emergency signals filled radio and television broadcasts. A world war began between armed forces and a burgeoning reptile population.

Suddenly the world became united in fear and the need to survive.

The dinosaurs just got bigger and hungrier.

Dinosaur Prehistoric from Pixabay

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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