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Face To Face — Input Glut Interrupt

Greg Prince
2 min readJul 4, 2019


A happy “Hello!” goes a long way.

How wondrous a neighbor’s smile.
To receive an unexpected gift.
Given with a happy hello.
No return needed just to uplift.

A bag of mangos.
Fresh and clean.
From my tree.
Full of sweet delight and sunshine’s gleam.

A “How are you?” with a handshake.
Baked in the day’s heat.
Sweat on my brow.
Small effort of friendship easy to repeat.

Face to face, eye to eye.
Without even a text warning, not so shy.
Walk right up and be so bold.
Extend a glimpse of warmth, perhaps better than gold.

Living outside a screen.
Real life might be hard to believe.
Torn away from the great input.
Minds can open, grow again what often gets shut.

Connect with a touch, embrace, or smile.
No strings sharing can set stress free.
Thought expressed in actions true.
Heart of life’s giving tree.

Opening doors of communal fresh light sure to ensue.

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Greg Prince

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