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Get a youthful face and rid of the wrinkles.

Face Yoga — Don’t Have A Saggy Face

Haven’t you heard? There’s a new craze and it’s sweeping the world. Yeah get on board and get swept away. Well, it’s kind of catchy and a little absurd but face yoga is on the rise and it might even work.

The claims are outrageous and they made me laugh. I saw the pitch on Shark Tank and I thought it was a gag. Just do face yoga 3 to 5 minutes a day and friend you’ll make your wrinkles fade and the double chin go away.

Look up to the sky and raise your chin then extend your neck. Then, stick your tongue out straight for a minute and gradually begin to move it slowly right then to the left. Do these repetitions several times and remember to go slow. Nobody wants an injured tongue, you want that face yoga glow.

The business thrives in Japan and claims to do away with the need for creams and botox. Think of all the money you could save to buy more bagels and lox.

So, make a fish face or a big-mouthed ‘Oh”, puff those cheeks for time, and give those 52 face muscles a workout just for show.

Google face yoga or you can book me for a $200 hour-long training session (currently a 10-year wait).

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