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Fantastic Aural Sensations #1

Greg Prince
4 min readApr 4, 2019


A tale of viral maniac covetous leading to terrifying possession.

Screaming, screaming in my head. Burning, pinching fills my mind in ripping torture, tears me from the sheets, drenches my bedding with sweat. The night is wasted.

Flames devouring my soul, scratching out my eyes, and pricking at the saneness I believe is still a part of me.

Head against the pillow. Eyes open. I’m deaf or in some kind of haze except for a hushed monotonous tone irritating and whining and distant yet right next to me.

The dream suddenly flashes before me as I close my eyes attempting to block the world out and fall back into a few moments of rest before the day begins. Cruelty and shivering anticipation fill the atmosphere. I see an unspeakable latent fear crawling toward me.

The shape is forming. It’s human and alive but only clinging to it’s last flirting with a spark of animation. Covered in blood and clear cut in slashes the body slithers in a crawl, head down inching its path in my direction.

We’re in a field of weeds, anthills, and small daffodils. The darkness of night is fleeing. Sunrise is just beginning to spew its brightness over the horizon.

The anonymous crawling cut body has a knife buried in the back of its skull. I notice the blade catching a glimpse of morning light on its edge. Bloody fingerprints are stamped on the knife’s handle.

Closer, closer, closer.

My breath is shallow and fast. Feeling the confines of this dream I want to wake but the gravity of my rest will not allow me to exit and escape. Looking down shocks my senses.

My hands are stained in dried brown and dark muddy red.

The crawling body is only steps away from me and I am frozen unable to move in my sleep bubble. The head is quivering and it looks up at me. The tip of the blade of serrated polished steel pushes through its skull and nose as the knife’s handle pushes against the body’s shoulders.



Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.