Greg Prince
1 min readFeb 14, 2019

First, let me address some of the things you have challenged me with. My wife immigrated to this country as has many of her family. My maternal and paternal lineage is from immigrants to this country. So the jab you took at me about how many are in my household is a disrespect disqualifying you from any further say about anything. Your assumptions are a joke.
Furthermore, you talk about the criminals being separated from children. Utter prevarication. The majority of asylum seekers are not criminals. Just the fact they are seeking asylum takes away from any wrongdoing they may be accused of doing.
Hispanic organizations, churches, and community outreach, which are comprised of legal US citizens, are self-sacrificing more than willing providers of the needs for the asylum seekers.
The invented crisis is done so only in the scope of a government assuming all the responsibility for incoming citizen seeking responsible people. It is stated the current model is unsustainable. I agree. Let people who care pick up the slack. There are many.
If you can only see a threat your mind is made up and locked in a tunnel created by fear-mongering which is unbased and lacking evidence. The facts are immigrants and asylum seekers commit less crime than American citizens by percentage. That is concrete. So when you hear spewing about rapists, terrorist, and criminals flooding our southern borders realize those statements lack foundational truth.
My vision is to let legitimate asylum seekers find their family and friends as well as concerned US citizens willing to give aid.

Greg Prince

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