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  • Klara Jane Holloway

    Klara Jane Holloway

    I’m retired and Medium helps me foster a young mind. I write about my experiences in life. Some mundane, some sad, some funny, and hopefully none boring!

  • Sam Olliver

    Sam Olliver

    A personal development advocate who believes continual learning and growth are necessary to live a happy, fulfilling life

  • Christopher Kokoski

    Christopher Kokoski

    Endlessly curious| proud word nerd| Support my writing by joining Medium https://bit.ly/3jh3IoQ (affiliate link - I get a portion of your fee)



    $SHIB and $LEASH Founder www.shibatoken.com

  • Mitchell P. Krawiec-Thayer, PhD

    Mitchell P. Krawiec-Thayer, PhD

    Chief Scientist & President of Geometry Labs // Data Science and Protocol PrivEng for Monero Research Lab // aka Isthmus

  • Tessa Xie

    Tessa Xie

    Current Data Scientist in the AV Industry, Ex-McKinsey Data Scientist; Avid Traveler, Diver and Painter. 🤿👩‍🎨

  • J B Ferguson

    J B Ferguson

    Bass player. Daydreamer. I write poems, short stories, and articles about music and whatever interests me. Buy me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/jbferguson73141

  • Arthur Hayes

    Arthur Hayes

    Co-Founder of 100x. Trading and crypto enthusiast. Focused on helping spread financial literacy and educate investors.

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