For Whom Is It To Call A Glory

Tending to realize and be accountable.

They are my bones.
I will stick to them.
They are my ideas
I will scorn them.
They are my thoughts.
I will delight in them.

Contradiction and wavering fill my blood. Taste the vinegar and feel it burn cleaning and disinfecting every drop flowing in this bag of meat.

They are my eyes.
I will not trust them.
They are my hands.
I will take them for granted.
They are my emotions.
I will grow them.

Contraction and cowardice are in my heart. Taste the boiling cauldron and feel it turn my fear into compassion and pure energy for motivation.

They are my feet.
I will care for them.
They are my ears.
I will use them first to discern.
They are my loves.
I will put them before me.

Concern and caring reside in my gut. Taste the harshness and feel it molting into direction with experience in a rational guide.

They are my teeth.
I will always prize them.
They are my knees.
I will bend them to work for my family.
They are my hates.
I will not cling to them.

Consistency and caution fill my mind. Taste the warmth and feel it morphing, taking its place and wanting for peace and sanguinity.

Though pain and hurt, loss and grieving, and times of trouble have touched my life I am still here. Defeat has toughened the sinews of my soul and instructed me to go on. There is dignity in the pluck of diligence.

For all the glory making up a person is but nothing without being shared. Entrust in strength’s making because wasting is always waiting and working.

Should I say I’m brave and strong and filled with all good things? Should I claim “Winning!” even if I am? Why is their the “Have to…” for those that boast? Why do they need to push and prod? Who has told them only the strong shall survive.

Why do we need to hear about it?

We Don’t.

Clinging to a little peace 🕊

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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