Crib Cradle Baby Bed from Pixabay

For Whom The Cradle Rocks

Getting down to the baby basics.

Blanky loves me and I love blanky. Mama and Dada giggle me up. They breathe on me with those huge knobs on their face. What are those sounds they say to me, “Goo-goo, ga-ga.” Do I make those sounds?

My words are clear and direct. I always tell them exactly what I want. Poop, food, pee, my blanky, and hugs are all I need to do and have.

So, what gibberish are they speaking? Who do I contact to get a translator around here?

Someone will have to answer for all the nonsense talk. A baby needs quality input. I think I’ll voice my protest,

“Wah, wah……wa…..wah…!”

Baby Boy Girl Funny from Pixabay

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