Fireball Asteroid from Pixabay

Forgotten Greatness Forgotten In Fire


Prehistory untold and wiped away a hundred thousand years ago.

Evening descends forboding of disaster. My brothers and sisters, the whole tribe is deep in meditation integrated with our central processor. We are radiating our mental energy in the blaster to hopefully turn the course of the approaching asteroid.

Our triceratops bulls are going wild in their stalls. They should be exhausted after pulling tens of thousands of kilos worth of vegetables today. Even the droid-bots are resting and recharging.

But all of Gaea and her organic children can feel threat screaming death and approaching in a fiery rage.

Our technology may not be enough to defend our world. Detection systems warned us of the impending disaster too late.

Will our mental beam of focus emit on time?

The dish our rocket implanted on the moon is positioned with its waveguide aimed at the asteroid.

Inside the collective brain apparatus, calculations predict massive life loss across our globe should the asteroid make a direct hit. All our progress will be destroyed and forgotten.

Seconds have passed since we transmitted. Our fate is sealed.

Above, the glowing hot rock hisses and streaks at us like an angry falling sun.

There is no escape but we hope deep in the dark caves under Mount Kiyamonyaro the few children there will emerge from the darkness to begin anew.

Meteorite Impact Comet from Pixabay



Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.