Fun At The Park

Greg Prince
2 min readFeb 16, 2019

Family day.

Wow! The invention and wonder of The Animal Kingdom, Disney attractions are mesmerizing.

My two children are stoked.

Our first exhibit Avatar Flight of Passage, a 3 hour entrance line. So, I’m writing an account of our journey through the magical land.

Plants, rock formations, and scenery from the movie Avatar here are very well immitated. Incredible artistry.

I’m people watching and listening. Phones out everywhere. Anticipation and excitement are coursing in the air like an electric current.

Rudely, a father and son in front of my family have just invited 2 friends to place in the line ahead of us. We’ve been in line 45 minutes and they just decided it was cool to move ahead us and the hundreds behind us.

I would say something and be aggressive if necessary, but my family is here. I hate shitty behavior.

Today is about fun for the kids which puts a smile in my thoughts. The Avatar Right of Pasage experience is amazeballs. My children scream and shout for the 5 minute 3D simulation. A somatic exuberance unique and wild.

On to the river ride. We were fortunate to get on the last attraction with only a 2 hour wait and this one calls for the same duration in line. The Navi River Ride theme, also Avatar based, will hopefully be another superb exploration.

(Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Disney)

I’m hoping we get splashed in our awaiting boats. The kids will freak.

We’re enjoying a cloudy day with a nice breeze. I had some concern the day would be too warm but temps are mild and pleasant.

Children tire of waiting in line. I gloried in my daughters' resilience for our first long lingering path to exuberance but the younguns are getting antsy now.

Finally the boats. No splashing but fantastic animated characters and colorful displays along with enchanted forest sounds give us a relaxing pleasant few minutes.

We’re off to have a snack and then more fun with dinosaur exhibits and rides. High mountain adventures await and then if we’re lucky we may find time for a real meal.

The end of this day will be highlighted with the animated and spectacular Tree of Life. It’s a ginormous, glamorous construction and a delight to behold, so I’m told.

My family is having a wonderful day. The sensations are phenomenal. My wife and I surprised our kids with our visit to Animal Kingdom today and their enjoyment is our fulfilment.

Hope you enjoyed part of our incredible fun trip to a magic world.



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