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Getting Fit and Strong For Competition & Life

Greg Prince
5 min readMar 23, 2019


Preparations for a powerlifting contest and reconditioning my body to be in top shape.

Powerlifting and a high fitness level have been a major focus in my life for 25 years. Injuries for the last 2 years and life have interfered with me competing but I’m gearing up mentally and physically again.

I’m 48 years old and planning on competing this summer sometime around my birthday near the end of July. I’ll need the next 4 to 5 months to get my strength up to the levels I want to compete at.

Since I began lifting in powerlifting competitions in the Masters (Over 40 years old category), I have maintained a high U.S. ranking in the 220 lbs weight class.

Currently, I hold the #6 and #12 (Powerlifting Watch) [2 different meets] ranking for highest squat in the U.S. Master’s Raw 220 lbs weight class with a 625 lbs squat. I did this respectively about 8 and 6 years ago but the record still holds. My ranking used to be higher but a few lifters have surpassed my efforts over the years.

My goal is to get back to squatting 625 lbs again and lift greater poundages. Two years ago I squatted 615 lbs in a Raw United powerlifting competition but that organization doesn’t exist any longer.

Here I am recently training the squat using 425 lbs for 3 reps in competition form:

Two other lifts are part of a full powerlifting competition: the bench press and the deadlift.

My bench press has always been my weak spot so I will be working to get my poundage up for this category. My highest bench in competition was 385 lbs.

A powerlifting competition bench press is done with a pause on the chest, usually lasting for about 1 second and a judge will…



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