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Getting Through Writing Quicksand

How to deal with priorities getting in the way of writing.

Feeling like a bit of a slump and a bit more like a hump today helped me kick some ass anyway.

Having trouble concentrating today but had a few great ideas to write about.

Composed sentences in my head for the ideas but couldn’t set myself to completing them in a story.

At least I wrote down my ideas. I like to type them into my Google Calendar and then expand on them later. But things got in the way of writing today.

After finishing my landscaping business for the day I returned home to deal with a few priorities.

The trappings of wasted moments poked at me like a sharp knife.

Our clothes washer wasn’t draining and consequently, the entire wash cycle had been compromised. This had to be fixed.

We are a family of four and the wash must be done. School uniforms, work clothes, and the regular culprits of dirty garments have to be kept in order.

I was tasked with the goal of fixing the washer today. Laundry day is Sunday and that must be upheld or all hell will break loose.

I am very thankful for YouTube video that guided me through the ordeal to clean out the washer’s drain. All washer operations have been restored.

An even more important challenge.

My children were home from school and they wanted daddy-time.

I made them hot dogs for snacks and then we went outside to play, Piggy-In-The-Middle with a large plastic ball.

Then I had to supervise homework being done. Yes, even my kindergartener and 3rd grader have homework.

Cooking dinner was fun. I splurged and found extremely low priced swordfish and broiled it in olive oil and seasonings.

My wife loves swordfish.

Where was my writing?

When would I have time?

I was beat-up from the day and my wife and I spent time together for another hour watching favorite television shows. I use this time to do physical therapy with a muscle pulse machine.

Still, the need to write tugged at every fiber of my being.

I doubted myself and thought I just didn’t have it in me this night.

The words read in many articles here on Medium kept returning to me. Write, just write.

Even one sentence.

I find myself here trudging through the mud and very happy to be dragging through the moment.

There is a lifting, a buoyancy that releases a spirit because the soul is being useful for doing and being its purpose.


A peace in finding a space to belong to and join with. Other kinds of peace and being exist.

This one is now.

Bring your now and be in it.

Join with your peace and write. Find the satisfaction and complete in each smallest way the whole that you are.

I have found quiet fulfilling space for a brief slice of time and it is wonderful and fulfilling. My hope is that you find yours.

Just write and be free. That is how.

By Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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