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Grasping Super Responsibility, Wanda’s Dilemma

Tabby troubles, costume title details, as well as low-down hoods.

Cats are independent and Charge was the epitome of arrogant feline distinctive attitude. Roaming around her apartment parking lot and grounds gave Wanda time to think while she called out,

“Here kitty, kitty…Charge…”

The sun began to set and daylight faded quickly.

“What will I call myself? Superheroes have to have a catchy name?”

There was that iron guy, the wonder female, a bat dude, but she was electric. Maybe she didn’t need the gender attachment. She could be a one name feature like Madonna or Blondie.

The acronym came to her in a burst of thought. Mom and Dad always used to joke about the Finger of God referring to the bible reference signifying lightning. She will take on the name: FOG

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Centering the letters and emblem on the front and back of her costumes would be easy. Nobody would be able to guess her superpowers from her superhero name or know what the acronym stood for.

Her name choice and idea for the emblem began to resonate and stick with Wanda. Then she caught a glimpse of Charge moving like a zipping kitty missile hopping over cars and jumping up and on nearby powerlines.

Impulses urged her to quickly spark up and go after her unruly cat but she stopped.

Cats come to you on their terms. Wanda knew cats. Her family life at home growing up always included 2 or 3 pet cats. Following in a discrete reconnaissance style suited the scene best.

Charge sat in a quiet crouch atop a single power line observing the road to the side of the apartment’s back building. The super tabby balanced on the wire in as deft a balance as any bird.

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Wanda did not see the cat’s view at first but as she slinked around the corner of the structure she saw a frightening scene developing.

Two large men held a gun on a young teenage boy. The bigger one punched him and kicked him over and over.

Rage and violent electric surge bubbled up in Wanda’s gut. The boy needed help. The time to act gripped her conscience.

“I got it, man,” the boy screamed.

“Whatch you got?”

Holding out his hands the teenager snapped back, “Got you grip dude, aunt hazel right here.”

Handing over two small packets to the men, the teen was suddenly brave, “Pay up muther fuggez!”

One of the thugs laughed and slugged the boy in his chest sending his body reeling to the concrete. The large heroin addict walked over and slammed his left foot on the teenager's side.

“Alrigh…alrigh…We know who you work for so you get lucky tonight,” and then he threw a wad of $100 bills at the young curled up drug dealer on the ground.

Wanda watched the two bullies walking away and she considered how to deal with everything she just heard and saw.

Big transitions in thinking brewed in Wanda’s thinking. She only had moments to decide to go after the creeps or not.

(Tomorrow we’ll see what Wanda decides.)

Bolt Lightning from Pixabay

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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