Hate Lives Strong Amongst Us Calling Itself American

Are they Nazis, radical republicans, or fundamentalist Christians telling us what is righteous, right, and just? Is this fiction or near reality?

Greg Prince
1 min readFeb 10, 2022


They didn’t report the shootings. At a quarter-past five this morning seven of the reputed terrorist were hung on rafters in the old red barn outside of town. Then they shot them.

Water pooled in the grassy fields around the barn. No one knew why the grass grew knee-high. The hard clay dirt wasn’t hospitable to any other growth, just the grass. The rain fell hard and long for three days. Typical tropical storm Florida weather.

One of the leaders ordered the terrorist to be gagged and then painted gigantic white letters on the inside of the large barn doors.

‘Don’t Say Gay To Our Children.’

On the opposite barn doors, he painted,

‘No Critical Race Theory For Our Kids.’

The teachers were not reported missing. Political careers were at stake. News agencies didn’t make the connection.

Lonely voices saw five men drive away from the barn. One voice remembered hate and fascism.

Never Again!



Greg Prince

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