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Have An Accomplish Anything Mind — Preprogram Success — Power Thought

Steps to plug into your future to write and much more using the most powerful source.

When I began to train for powerlifting 26 years ago I initially thought the whole focus centered on getting stronger by lifting heavy weights and practicing the forms for competition. That was a shortsighted mistake. The prime focus in powerlifting is mental training.

I read a book about strength training for powerlifting and the main topic targetted mental imaging, concentration, and mindfulness. How does mindfulness relate to powerlifting or sports?


In powerlifting, there are 3 competition lifts and a lifter gets three attempts at each lift. The lifts must be performed according to rules and are evaluated by three judges.

The lifts are the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. The squat depth must reach the point where the knees are just below parallel with the hip joint. The bench press must have a controlled, balanced descent, a pause on the chest for a second(the ref will command to press after the bar is stable), and the deadlift must be performed without hitching or jigging on the legs to a completed standing, erect position and then lowered in control.

The judging is very strict and great amounts of weight are attempted by the lifter making these lifts extremely difficult.

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Competitions are held in front of an audience. Performing extreme feats of strength with this extra component adds pressure and demands the lifter to practice total concentration at the moment.

So, I read the book on creating the power mind.

Establishing habits performing the powerlifts, in the same way, every training session and using great form began the list of exercise techniques. Actions will make neural connections. The mind will adapt and find the most efficient path with those connections when the action is repeated.

However, the first and most important training exercise initiated the night before lifting.

Meditating before sleep.

According to the instruction, I would put myself into a deep state of self-hypnosis and concentration. Beginning with slow deep inhalations and equally slow breathing out along with tensing and releasing sections of my body relaxed my mind and muscles.

Centering on my breath was key.

Next, I would picture myself in an outfit I would normally wear to lift in, at the gym, performing a squat, bench press, or deadlift with a realistic goal weight. The importance of using rational, realistic goals in visualization is imperative.

Being ridiculous in the eye of the mind will lead to failure.

Repeated success.

For many years I have practiced this technique of visualization and it has helped me to overcome obstacles as well as to accomplish many goals.

After years of application, I have learned to use visualization during the day or any time I need aid in achieving goals.

The art of waking meditation is freeing.

It is the ability anyone can develop to fold time and use it for the purpose of being in the moment or moving toward a goal.

The blank stare and zoning out.

So, if you see me or anyone staring out into space for no particular reason for more than a minute it may be because serious meditation is taking place.

Perhaps a focus is being achieved to overcome or face a situation or a creative thought may be exploding to life and blocking out the world.

For the most part, this is possible to do in public without appearing to be weird. It is an invisible superpower each person can draw upon.

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Forming a power thought cauldron to generate ideas, scenarios, and plots is fun and I do it willfully most of the time but I admit my subconscious takes over sometimes and I enter an alternate world of creativity and concentration.

Call upon your own deep thought reservoir.

Power to create and the power to make is in all. Finding your Zone is a freeing experience able to transcend any stress or obstacle.

Use visualization and meditation to center on your goal and go beyond. Rip apart writer’s block, face the person you are and the person you dread facing, go into a formerly uncomfortable situation having already done so successfully in your mind.

No perfect solution or guarantee can be promised using these techniques however by using them the odds of one being comfortable with the results is greatly improved. And, the chances for a favorable outcome are vastly improved.

Be free and conquer! Write and create! Author your Reality!

Helping each other write better.

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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