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High Flying Mishap For Wanda & Super Recollections


Big falls can sometimes bring great moves forward for superheroes too.

The light went out. Extinguished in a flash. She fell like a heavy stone thrown out of a tall building in the sky. Screaming in terror, Wanda abruptly lost control of any ability to generate an electric field around herself.


Crying for help seemed futile so instead, she decided to get teeth-grinding- angry.

She thought of the rapist who attacked her in the supermarket parking lot. The image would remain her trigger thought to evoke her powers.

It worked.

The hard asphalt of her apartment’s parking lot was coming so fast. Wanda began to hover but it was too late. The laws of physics do not care about superpowers.

Her rate of descent was too rapid. Had she reinitiated flying a few moments earlier the result might have been different. Wanda landed behind her apartments trash dumpster with a booming thud.

The asphalt caved and melted around her body shape in an indentation 4 inches deep. The rock, stone, and gravel around her turned into a bubbling goop lava due to the electric heat Wanda’s body emitted.

Landing on her back she lay unconscious for 13 hours. No one noticed her.

Dreams of recent events flooded her involuntary slumber.

A rough volt lick awakened Wanda. Charge is on her chest. The cat found her. No animosity from their last encounter remained.

The strike of her fall and the long slumber had a startling effect. An epiphany of purpose opened in a window of direction and future plans. But, before Wanda could act on any of her goals she had to learn the extent of her superpowers.

Testing of strength, flying, running, emitting energy. So many discoveries to be made.

Where was the superhero manual?

Even Wikipedia and Google lacked actual information for this one particular challenge — Becoming Superhero Instructions. The only things out there were just fantasy, comic books, and hypothesis.

Wanda’s quest for discovery was on!

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