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Hitting 2K Followers Today — Exciting and Inspiring!

Greg Prince
2 min readMay 27, 2019


Success is measured in different ways.

Wow! What a rush. Does this mean people out there tolerate me or like my writing right now(Sally Field and Sean Penn ref.)? Yahoo…it’s time for a funky dance… Milestones, like this, are jumping off points to build on.

How did I get here? Who the hell am I? Do I have extreme Imposter Syndrome?

Self-analyzing isn’t going to take away the happiness lifting my spirits today.

I honestly do many things to get followers. I write from the heart. I follow back. I follow writers who interest me. I read every story I can. And, I support authors who are just starting out.

Authenticity and sincerity play a large part in gaining followers and friends. Interaction with storytellers shows them you find their writing interesting. Clapping and reading stories is great but also take time to comment. You’ll pick up followers and will most likely be reciprocated in kind.

Sparking up conversations with awesome authors is widening my knowledge base on grammar, technical issues with publishing, and expanding my writing job opportunities.

My writing optimism soared recently because I achieved two wonderful milestones.

1) Getting over 7000 views for the last 30 days.

Views may not mean much to some but I get a thrill seeing those big numbers. Being seen by so many is more than I could have imagined 7 months ago when I began writing on Medium.

2) Having more than 5000 reads in the last 30 days.

My mind is in shock over the reads I have accumulated. I’m blown away and humbled to find so much interest in my words.

Where ever my stats are headed I feel success and a bit of pride. Each and every storyteller here can and will find their own triumph by putting in writing work every day. One doesn’t have to publish every day but the more you do the more you and readers benefit.

I’m not making much money yet (emphasis on yet) on Medium but the future of our still young community looks spectacular. I have the opportunity to work for my dream to create a full-time income by writing.

Growth, growth, growth!

However many followers, reads, or views you have keep writing from the heart and share with us your vision and knowledge. I have little footprints of success and will continue to make bigger and bigger impressions day by day.

Join me in growing and making your writing dreams come true.

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