How Dryer Balls Help Get Your Load Out Faster and Are Sexy for the Environment!

The secret trick everyone wants to know about saving energy and time.

Greg Prince
3 min readDec 21, 2022


Monster Hairy Eggs Smile Face from Pixabay

There is a simple solution when your load is hot and heavy, and you want to finish without too much effort. You want it fluffy. You want it to feel good without needing extra cleanup steps.

Dryer balls are the answer.

Sometimes they’re knobby. They can be spiky. They are often blue, but they come in various shades.

While some are snug but have a soft texture resembling wool, others are rubbery and firm. Their shapes can differ. The round ones are common, but some are ovals.

Unique dryer balls can be shaped like an animal.

Dryer balls are safe. They have a durable lifetime and are not toxic or wasteful. The real question is: Why doesn’t everybody know about Dryer Balls?!

Why You Need Dryer Balls

Will they ensure you itch less? Probably, but that’s not the primary concern. The desired results center on better airflow created around your dryer balls.

  1. Dryer balls fend off clumping
  2. Movement of dryer balls lessens wrinkles



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