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How To Be Curated or Not To Be Curated? Why Ask?

Let’s hear it for the creatives who write because they must.

Who told you every word you write should be curated and vaunted with the likes of Dickens, King, or Hemingway? Where is it recorded? The promise my letters will be in front of the pack above all others and must be given priority on Medium escapes me.

Your writing is inspiring and full of wisdom. Your voice is unique and unparalleled. Why wouldn’t every thought be put on a pedestal to be loved by all eyes and souls? (These thoughts barrage my brain at various times throughout each week waiting to see my MPP results.)

Inspiration guides my creations.

Yes, I know inspiration is 99% perspiration and all that jive. It won’t come out unless we put pen to paper or type away. But, and it’s a big but, sparkle or a surge needs ignition in my gut before one word comes forth.

I have to have the mystic leaping-off point or pure drivel is the result of my efforts.

However, whoever reads my musings and self-thought perfection may not agree with my surmising concerning its quality. I find this to be the case many times.

What is worse is I may be looking for validation in a curator’s approval and acceptance. Why would a curator or Medium, for that matter, be concerned to make sure my needs are met?

Am I so entitled? Are you?

Weaving a story, developing as a writer, pouring my soul into generating spectacular letters of meaningful art consumes me. My dream is to leave great substance which entertains, informs, and spurs thought. Should one day my name be mentioned as a good author to read the honor will be beyond value.

Do I want to be remembered as a hack attempting to sell half-assed complaining and rambling or make imaginations take flight?

So much goes into fitting in categories on Medium in order to make money, get claps, or acquire fans. I didn’t begin to write for those reasons and my gut won’t let me write for them now.

Immortality is the goal.

My children will one day read my stories and articles after I have died. On that day my heart will be alive with them. On that day I will be alive again.

Should there still be a world in 100 years, one not melting into a huge plastic ball, my grandchildren or some distant, removed relative could enjoy a laugh or altered view due to my words. Now, who could ask for more?

Join with me in never dying. I’m working on the task every day. Our craft is a path toward everlasting thought-provoking innovation.

Let us find true meaning in our sharing. We have a platform allowing us to balloon into a dream and float away on a path of unimaginable success and wealth.

Riches reside in the quality and substance we create in our stories. We have great power to express. Do you think we should be responsible with our might? Use it wisely?

I think it is our right and our necessity to grasp the enormity of becoming passionate writers bent on writing which reaches and expands minds here on Medium and beyond.

Please consider the fallibility of computers and code. Every function on Medium will not always work correctly.

Expectations of making money and getting notoriety here are perhaps misplaced. Some will have terrific success while most will not.

In the meantime create and perfect your writing craft on Medium. Great rewards will come from our efforts.

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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