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How To Get Found In A Smile

Creating a walk inside to find solace.

Got lost today, always on a journey.

Was a fog covered my eyes and drifted like a cloud covering my thoughts and the world drifted away.

Remembered pureness as it washed, like a tide, in the inside of my stomach and chest bubbling with calmness and smiles in my forehead.

Saw my sister, long since gone, a beautiful memory filled with wishing she was here. Felt her quiet and honest goodness and some fear.

Fear that I did not honor her enough to learn from her simple love and the way she showed it to all.

I drove my truck.

The music played on the radio.

Traffic rolled.

Automatic actions steered me to the next work account.

Grandpa’s face, his grin, the way he announced my name each time we met melted around my brain.

A trip of adoring coursed through my blood and shot screaming through my veins. Felt the ways his radiant blue eyes focused on me as a child and nothing but love and adoring touched me in his gaze.

Grandpa was a giant to me.

His presence in my life always a joy and fond time.

Looked at the movie playing on the screen of my mind. Found it to be a comfort and panacea erasing challenges those my wife and I are facing.

Seeing them as nothing more than a thing we can fix, bills we must meet, worries we will overcome, and uncertainties to unhitch.

Tried a smile and sang along, the radio played a familiar song.

The journey found me,

brought me back,

and so I’m on another path.

Crashed into a tree of life, a breath of hope.

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Emerging Visions

Future exploding

Brilliant light

Growing around radiant spirits carrying me in effort lifting souls to grin.

I’m enveloped ready, willing, able,
given tools born again with a seed bursting a sprout,
energetic, vibrant, grasping novel life.

When I am searching for the words to come, the willingness to work, the desire to produce yet there is no impetus found in me to begin, a radical spark is needed to get me going.

I’m looking for that instant paradigm shift.

I often need a shovel to hit me in the head to begin the change I need. The whack of becoming and inspiration needed to get me going is often begun by me taking action.

The action may not be doing the task I want to accomplish, such as getting an article written. To get me writing many times I have to do something else and then the inspirations will arrive.

I will do laundry, clean the bathroom, scrub the mold on the roof, listen to great music, and a variety of other activities.

The subconscious has a way of digging for and exposing intention as well as motivation towards a goal while we are busy accomplishing and enjoying vastly different experiences.

I hope you find your method to push your writing, learning, productivity, and goal realizations. Try some of my methods to get there and achieve or find your own.

A fond memory or scrubbing the tub may set you on your way to finding the brightest smile and endless achievement.

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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