How to Transfer Your Crypto On Major Exchanges For Next to Nothing Fees With Lightning Fast Transactions

Overcoming large Bitcoin transaction fees and avoiding the outrageous network fees exchanges charge can be a challenge but here is a great solution.

Greg Prince
4 min readOct 6, 2021


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It seems like a trap. I’m depositing money on an exchange like or Kucoin and buying crypto hoping it goes up in value so I can convert it to cash and make a profit. But how do I transfer my crypto without paying a huge fee? And, where am I going to exchange it for cash?

The answers are not widely advertised or easy to come by. However, I have a fantastic solution.

No one wants to pay huge fees when transferring Bitcoin(BTC) and if you’re using Coinbase, at least in my experience, the cost is very little. But if you’re attempting to transfer BTC on Kucoin or Binance or Kraken the toll is high. I attempted to transfer $100 worth of BTC on one of these exchanges the other day and they wanted to charge me $55.

Hold on! Wait a minute! No way buckaroo.

There had to be a lower cost solution, a way to get my funds deposited on another exchange without costing me more than I received in my account. A searching I went.

I’ve been familiar with Stellar(XLM) since 2017 but I hadn’t thought about them since I made a bundle on them then. It dawned on me, after a search on reddit, XLM was the solution I needed.

What is the crypto Stellar(XLM)?

Stellar is an underrated cryptocurrency which has held a top-50 marketcap position in the crypto world for several years. Several countries have considered making it legal tender because it costs close to nothing to transfer(read: network fees are less than a cent), it’s reliable, and it’s fast. Instead of a half hour or more to receive confirmations and coin transfers it takes 2–3 minutes.

XLM was designed as a completely decentralized consensus platform. It is a platform to join banks, payment systems, and people. Jed McCaleb designed Stellar after he founded Ripple(XRP)…



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