How You Can Pay Zero Taxes Trading Crypto and Secure a Future in the New Economy

Using tax advantage accounts utilizing crypto will help you save your hard-earned money instead of giving it to the government.

Greg Prince
4 min readOct 26, 2021


What is a Tax Advantage Account? We’re familiar with IRAs and 401ks and how they are set up to help us save for retirement. However, if that money is devalued over time then we lose the ability to recapture the product and worth we expect. We need the ability to utilize our savings for the best future possible and that is where Choice by Kingdom Trust will help.

A tax advantage account sounds much more sexy and exciting than a retirement account. Who wants to get retired? When I’m ready to relax and have fun after a life of hard work I want a robust, activity-filled lifestyle. Getting retired sounds depressing.

Choice makes it easy to transfer your IRA or 401k into an account free of a broker or brokerage and minus the exorbitant fees. I was thrilled to find out about Choice yesterday because of its many cost-saving features. There are no annual fees for your account and the same tax-free federal rules apply to your crypto trades equivalent to those with an IRA or 401k.

Instead of throwing your money into an investment account, you have little to no idea which stocks you’re banking on, with Choice you know exactly where your money is invested and growing.

One feature grabbed my attention immediately. Choice pays you for interacting with your account. Daily visits and or interactions in your account will result in Choice paying you a small amount of Bitcoin. The reward is remitted in Satoshis (SATS). Free money! And every SAT adds up.

When you’re ready to diversify your portfolio outside of the traditional banking system and get involved with crypto savings Choice is a great solution. Bitcoin is the crypto asset you can begin with then you can trade a variety of cryptos inside your Choice account. And you can own your own keys or identifiers for private wallets and security you can trust.

When I watched and listened to Altcoin Daily on YouTube yesterday and heard Brian Harrington…



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