I agree to house the asylum seekers is a big issue. Perhaps there should be a process which would only allow in those that have a place to go: with family, friends, to a church, to one of the programs taking in immigrants etc. Should there be a time while processing is done where they have to wait at the border until granted asylum, maybe? A kind of purgatory. Of course, processing would have to be much more speedy and not all would be accepted. The burden should not be solely on the US government and taxpayers to do all the support. I don’t understand why all have to come to the US when Mexico has opportunities for migrants.
I know there are violence and crime in Mexico but it’s my understanding industry is growing there and gang violence is being dealt with.
Determining exactly who deserves asylum is a delicate issue. I believe those with confirmed family and friends in the US should be first to be considered for asylum. Next would be those which are accepted into facilities and organizations offering shelter and guidance.
I think it will be a travesty to see an industry arise warehousing immigrants and demanding more and more government resources.
My brain is fried on this topic for now. I’ll sleep on it and think to find more answers but I’m hoping for the suffering to slow and end.
I wish there was a way to bring peace, growing economies, and justice in the countries these hard traveling asylum seekers and immigrants come from so they would rather stay in their lands and build their nations.

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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