Greg Prince
1 min readMar 7, 2022

I get your frustration. I hope to never write anything that wastes anyone’s time. My goal is to add value. Fiction and poetry are my main topics though I have written a few tech stories. Can you imagine a short form story on how to code anything besides ‘Hello World’ lines? Ha! Even then explaining it all in 150-words could be tough.

I’ve done a few presentations too and agree 1 minute would be longer than 150-words. I will continue to write and enjoy short form as well longer stories on Medium.

I think the idea of the 1 sentence paragraphs centers around selling copy. Marketing has popularized this and it’s become prevalent in blogging. Short attention spans have taken their toll. Medium seems to adore the style. Writing continues to evolve.

Thank you for sharing. I’ve been on Medium for a little over 6 years and joined for the coding instruction but I found a place to write and be creative as well. My initial Medium experience came through Free Code Camp.

I hope to entertain you or give something interesting read if you stumble upon one of my short form stories and decide to open it. However, I have written many longer stories you may have a read on.

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Greg Prince

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