Greg Prince
1 min readMar 6, 2022

I read it again. I digested it the first time and still find some sentiments offensive. If a poem must be limited to 150-words then it can also fit in the category for short form in Everything Shortform. While all poetry can not be short form some poetry can be. Semantics, I know.

I made Everything Shortform for writers to advertise their longer works with short form examples and to practice writing in a concise manner. There are a few absolute statements in your story referring to short form writing or writers as being lazy or the worst. I get the feeling you find nothing short form worthwhile on Medium. But, have you read it all?

Many writers submit and publish great short form on Everything Shortform. Some of the writing lacks depth and is overly abbreviated. I appreciate your conversation. 😀

Examples you many find to be acceptable short form:

Here is a poem I wrote and published on Everything Shortform. I hope you find it meaningful:

I submit to you a short form short story you may enjoy:

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